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Shamanic Healing Sessions

Transform toxic emotions into wisdom and power

“At this stage in time, to make a difference in our lives, we need to retrieve our collective identity. Through this doorway, the possibilities are endless”

Don Manual Quispe - The Last Altomeseyok of the Q'ero


Luke Newton-Mason

Medicine Man

I am a Shamanic Medicine Man, space holder and mentor with extensive knowledge and experience in the metaphysical landscape, healing ceremonies, coaching, Earth medicines and Shamanic practice. I have trained and initiated in many Shamanic and occult traditions, through which, I have built my practice for one solid purpose - to hold a sacred space to facilitate those who wish to find their true medicine by clearing the toxic patterns and programming that are blocking their ability to create and shape their reality! 

In facilitating this powerful medicine for others, I am not here to make you dependant on me or my services. Shamanism is about finding your place in all of creation and acknowledging that it is you that is creating your reality with every thought, feeling and energy that you project. This medicine is not here to change the past or blame the external world. It is here to help you remove your most stubborn blocks and limitations that are stopping you from being in your power. 

Shamans have to go through extensive training and therapy in to be able to offer these services to clients safely. Shamanic practice is more than just a type of healing but also a way of life that goes back thousands of years! My journey into Shamanism is ongoing and is a rebirth process of truly shedding what no longer serves me, in order to move into my state of service to the light. I am trained to the highest standard to be able to facilitate this powerful process for my clients and students. 

My practice is here to assist you on your healing path by enabling you to shed the aspects of yourself that no longer serve you in order to help you see and anchor more beauty into your being. 

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Shamanic Healing Work

Shamanic Healing work utilises a wide variety of tools and techniques that have been around for thousands of years. These tools, when utilised during sessions, are incredibly affective at getting to the core of a particular wound or pattern. I offer a range of different approaches to Shamanic work such as standalone healings, block sessions and long-term healing programs. 


Shamanic Healing Online Sessions

Healing & Coaching sessions online & distantly


All Shamanic Healing Services

Full healing and coaching sessions, long and short term options


Shadow Readings

Receive Guidance From The Spirit World and Identify Your Blocks To Success


Inner Child Program

Clear core wounds from the past and step into your power!


Shamanic Rebirth Program

Ten potent healing sessions given over three months to facilitate a full death and rebirth

Shame-Release Program

Remove the very roots of shame and step into your power

Courses & Workshops

I offer a wide range of courses that are built to facilitate deep healing. I hold a sacred and protected space to allow my students to delve deep into the energetic processes that are induced by the trainings, allowing them embody their healing and better themselves. These courses are comprehensive and varied, all of which provide you with tools to enhance your healing path and build energetic self-sufficiency.

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Foundation Course Into Shamanism

Kickstart Your Shamanic Initiation

Distant Activations

Powerful rites of initiation that connect you to advanced Shamanic & Occult practices

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Online Shamanic Practitioner Training & Initiation

Receive the necessary teachings, initiations and healing tools to expand your practice of Shamanism and Healing


Munay-Ki Rites

Powerful Rites of Passage To Awaken Wisdom & Power


Icaro Healing Course

Learn to sing the sacred medicine songs that have remained a secret for centuries!


Reiki Training

Energy Healing Courses

Reiki Courses

Upcoming Events

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