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Khodam Initiations (The Science of Guardian Angels)

Receive The Protection And Guidance From Angelic Khodams

Khodams are something that no one on a deep spiritual journey should be without. They are potent celestial forces that once bonded to you, will overshadow you, providing impeccable protection, guidance and healing abilities. The concept of Khodam is rooted in Javanese Shamanism and in pre-islamic occult traditions. Working with these powerful beings will provide you with a sense of safety, power, protection and insight, but also requires a high level of respect and discipline. 


Understanding Angelic Khodams

Khodams are powerful spiritual entities that exist in the higher dimensions (The Upper World). Unlike angels, who are seen to have universal power, Khodams are known to be the personal equivalent of angels, meaning their powers are anchored towards a person on the individual level, therefore allowing that person to tap into their healing power, guidance and protection. They are beings of light that are imbued only with the divine commitment to serve the greater good. Various traditions refer to Khodams differently from the perspective of name and appearance, but their purpose remains solid - to act as protectors, guides and sources of great wisdom for those who are on their spiritual path. 

Connecting With Your Khodam

Transmissions of Angelic Khodams, are passed down an ancient lineage that stems from Javanese Mysticism.  Connecting with your khodam is a deeply personal and individual experience and involves creating a sacred space, setting clear intentions, and opening oneself to receive their guidance and assistance, alongside daily prayer chanting. It requires a genuine and heartfelt desire to establish a relationship with these celestial beings, coupled with patience, devotion, and an open mind. Support from your khodams will be unconditional, but they are beings that require a substantial amount of reciprocity in order to for one to experience their full power - these reciprocal actions normally take on the form of daily chanting and meditation to feel and embody the khodamic power. Being the personal equivalent of angels, they are much like a friend that you need to put energy into building and maintaining a connection with. Therefore, if the energy you put into connecting with them is pure, with a high-intention to commune with them, they will provide you with extraordinary power that matches the energy that you put into them. However, this also works the same if you have a half-hearted intent towards working with them - they will also provide you with half-hearted support. 


Benefits Of Working With Khodams

Connecting with the Khodamic energies will provide you with the following powers: 


Protection - no external curses or psychic attacks will be able to touch you and will be deflected. On the physical level, the protective powers manifest as invulnerability to sharp weapons, reduced illness and increased physical strength and stamina.

Aura Cleansing - khodams can be invoked to continuously heal and remove stagnant energies from your energy field.


Healing - Khodam energy can be sent towards ailments and emotional blocks to heal and clear them. You will also be able to target others who need healing. 

Continuous Guidance - Khodams will provide guidance and insight continuously. They are typically non-invasive and normally manifest in the form of a clear inner voice, the dream state communication, through Shamanic journeying or just by gently influencing decisions. 

Boosts Abundance, Charisma and Magnetism - Khodamic energy will create a greater sense of calm knowingness and safety within your being, therefore manifesting positive opportunities and encounters. They will also boost your confidence and self-belief. 

How To Start Working With Your Khodam

Khodamic initiations are a transmission of energy that is passed from teacher to student, through a sacred Javanese lineage. I offer four types of Khodams which are invoked differently, but when combined, provide great power. These are the following: 

Asmak Khodam (Level 1) - Asmak Khodam is a single, highly powerful Khodam that once bonded to you, will overshadow you, providing you with impeccable protection, power and guidance. Simple daily prayer chanting is required to maintain the power. 

Asmak Khodam (Master Level) - The master level of Asmak Khodam will drastically increase the power and presence of your Khodam, whilst also allowing you to conjure khodams for others. This provides you with great power and healing ability but also requires more intense prayer chanting to build and maintain the power and co-operation of your khodam.

Tenaga Inti Khodam Malaikat - Khodam Malaikat are a different breed and energy compared to Asmak Khodam. They provide greater levels of protection. This initiation will bring a legion of thousands of Khodam Malaikat to your service, unlocking hidden reservoirs of magickal energy. You will be able to quickly summon many khodams to assist with various endeavours.

Ilmu Khodam Pasukan Malaikat - Pasukan Malaikat, is a javanese term that means "Angelic Troopers" or "Angelic Forces". This powerful initiation brings a whole legion of the highest-level angelic forces to your service, providing impeccable protection and wisdom. These forces will filter out any external threat to your being on both the physical and metaphysical levels. 

Nur Cakra Malaikat - This anchors a Khodamic energy centre (chakra) into your heart, allowing you to fully embody the angelic powers that Khodams hold such as impeccable protection, guidance, healing and invulnerability. 

All of these levels combined, bring a huge amount of magical and Shamanic power to the individual. 

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Shamanic Healing
Reiki Treatment
Connect With Your Khodam

Each of the following initiations include a 2-Hour Zoom session to faciliate the transmissions and to cover any questions. Each initiation also comes with a detailed manual. 



Asmak Khodam (Level 1) - £200

Asmak Khodam (Master Level) - £400

Tenaga Inti Khodam Malaikat - £250

Ilmu Khodam Pasukan Malaikat - £250

Nur Cakra Malaikat - £250



Full Khodamic Training (All Initiations, Given One Month Apart - £850

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