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Shamanic Monthly Membership

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Live Monthly Online Training & Initiations Into Practical Shamanic Teachings

The Shamanic Monthly Membership provides an amazing opportunity to receive powerful, in-depth training and initiation into advanced Shamanic practices at a low monthly cost. Whether you are an aspiring or advanced Shaman/medicine person, or even if you just have an interest in metaphysical practices and want to add to your knowledge, the monthly membership program is a practical and affordable way to be part of a supportive online community, whilst receiving regular tools and techniques to enhance your healing journey. 


What Does The Monthly Membership Include?

The membership program includes monthly online workshops via Zoom, each of which will be focussed on a different topic relating to Shamanic Practice. These workshops include a balance of lecture, guided journeys, attunements/initiations, practical exercises, questions as well as giving you the option to receive one-to-one coaching. The topics of each call are focussed towards providing the initiate with the necessary tools and techniques to be able to confidently navigate potential challenges within those topics. Examples of these workshops include: psychic self-defence, honouring  ancestors, working with elementals, working with your shadow etc. Alongside these powerful workshops, you will be eligble for a permanent 20% discount on all of my healing and coaching services for additional support to your healing journey, as well as access to a supportive community of other members. 


Who Is The Membership Program Suitable For?

The program is suitable for anybody with a keen interest in Shamanism and energy work and is made for both beginners and advanced. Those who get the most out of these teachings are: ​

  • Anybody with a keen interest in energy work and metaphysics

  • Energy workers, therapists or Shamans who want to continuously expand their knowledge and develop their practices and services for clients

  • Practitioners who are seeking greater energetic self-sufficiency, protection and safety in their healing work

  • Those who want to expand their psychic abilities and build their relationship with the spirits

  • Those who want to have a better understanding of how to utilise metaphysical practices for manifestation and creation

  • Anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of themselves and how to remove their most stubborn blocks to success

Meet Your Mentor

My name is Luke N-Mason - I am a medicine man with many years of experience with a variety of Shamanic & Occult practices. My goal as your mentor is to hold you within a sacred and protected space to allow you to safely delve deep into your healing process. We will work together in harmony with great spirit to facilitate the transformation that you are ready to reach. 

My way of working is direct and to the point. My practice of Shamanism will not bypass anything and instead, will work to address the roots in terms of why certain events, illnesses and perceptions are prominent in one's life, in order to work with them to heal the root. My approach also acknowledges how expansive the world of Shamanism truly is and therefore, provides you with a holistic and unbiased view towards working with the spirits. 

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Join The Shamanic Monthly Membership Community

Best Value

Shamanic Monthly Membership



Every month

Live Monthly Workshops and Initiations Into Powerful Metaphysical Practices

Valid until canceled

In-Depth Mentoring

Important & Inspiring Topics

High-Level Teachings

Powerful Attunements

Opportunity For Coaching

25% Discount On Healings

Group Healing Sessions

Guided Shamanic Journeys

Powerful Tools At A Low Price

Upcoming Group Training

  • Foundation Course Into Shamanism (Online)
    Foundation Course Into Shamanism (Online)
    Times are arranged individually
    Times are arranged individually
    Kickstart Your Journey Into Shamanism
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