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Jagad Lelembut (Magick Of The Djinn Realm)

The Djinn (also known as Genie) are powerful beings with amazing potential to assist practitioners in various ways. They are supernatural entities that are rooted in pre-islamic mysticism. They are known to possess the power to unlock hidden talents, enhance abundance, speed up manifestation and bring about profound transformation. This course includes a series of powerful initiations that allow you to conjure Djinn to assist you with various endeavours. 


Understanding Djinn

Like many mythic forces, the concept of the genie is quite widely known but has been reduced to story books, with their true power and potential not being fully understood or even known. The Djinn can be seen as the aspects of ourselves that we forgot when we incarnated into the level of matter. They are known to be similar to human beings in many ways as they are known to pro-create, display both light and dark tendencies, and even die, but they are not bound to a physical world or body like we are. This means that when they wish to initiate change, they simply shift their energy into that frequency and then work backwards to attain the desired result. For this reason, manifestation and transformation is rapid for the Djinn as they don't need to allow the physical world to calibrate to their shift in energy like we do.  This is where the concept of genies being able to grant wishes comes from and is what makes them amazing guides to build a relationship with. 

Djinn's Relationship With Humans

Unlike angels, Djinn possess free will and are capable of making choices, be they good or evil. This gives a refined moral complexity to their character as Djinn can either be benevolent protectors or malevolent entities seeking to cause harm. It is both the Djinn's moral alignment, and the practitioner's energetic resonance that influences the encounter, both mirroring each other. Throughout history, many have reported their own individual encounters with many kinds of Djinn, and many stories of such encounters reside in both islamic and pre-islamic mysticism. Djinn are said to be capable of influencing human lives, granting wishes, offering guidance, or creating mischief and chaos. Establishing a connection with Djinn requires respect, caution, and an understanding of their nature. It is also necessary to have prior experience with Shadow work before interacting with the Djinn - This will ensure optimal success and safety. 

Benefits Of Working With Djinn

Receiving these initiations and training will allow you to easily conjure Djinn for various purposes such as: 

  • Protection & Personal Bodyguards - Djinn that you invoke for protection will remain anchored to your energy field, protecting against intrusive energies such as entities, psychic attack and black magick. They can also be invoked to protect others. 

  • Refining Psychic Abilities - you will be able to conjure Djinn to assist you in refining your intuition, psychic abilities and Shamanic sight. 

  • Self-Defence - Djinn can be invoked for metaphyscial self-defence and influence or to put an end to unwanted situations and challenges

  • Wealth, Abundance & Manifestation - The Djinn race are renowned for their ability to quickly initiate change and transformation. This makes them amazing for increasing wealth, abundance and the rate in which something manifests.

  • Charisma, Attraction & Personal Charm - Djinn spirits have definitive personality, humour and traits. This makes them amazing for increasing confidence, charisma and attraction. 

  • Strengthening of Magickal Abilities - Interacting with Djinn will enable you to form a greater of your role as co-creator of your reality. 

Magick Of The Djinn Realm Training

The training takes place on a one-to-one basis over Zoom. The training is one full day and includes the following:

  • Detailed information about the Djinn race and their nature

  • Jagad Lelembut initiation to connect you to the Djinn realms

  • How to safely interact with the Djinn spirits

  • Shamanic journeys to commune with the Djinn

  • Different types of Djinn - Tuyyuls, Muwakil and Gul

  • Initiation to the Djinn Kings for protection

  • Conjuring Djinn spirits for various purposes

  • Safety and ethics of practice

This initial training will build your command of the Djinn spirits, allowing you to summon Djinn for any purpose. Further initiations and training can be taken after this course.

Jagad Lelembut (Magick of The Djinn Realm) Training - £450

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Magick Of The Djinn Realm Training - £450

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