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Dragon Initiation Path

Dragons are at the highest level of creation and represent the primeval forces of creation and destruction in the universe. They are one of the strongest allies that a Shaman can have. The Dragon's Path is a process of full initiation into the realm of the Dragons, allowing you to call on them and embody their energies to step fully into your power. You will receive high-level initiations that have been passed down an ancient Javanese Lineage. 


The Power Of Dragons

Dragons are the greatest allies in stepping into our power and making change in our lives. They are just one example of a vital mythic force that we have lost touch with - for this reason, they get painted as evil, or reduced to story book characters, so nobody remembers what they really are. Dragons represent the most primal life force which has the ability to heal, protect, grow and seek fulfilment. For this reason, embodying the Medicine of the Dragons is a healing path in its own right that requires one to take the necessary steps to move into their power. The power of the Dragon represents the fully risen kundalini; the source of all spiritual attainment. During your initiation process, you will connect with various Dragon spirits, alongside learning how to speak their language to call on them for making change in your life.  

Stepping Into Limitlessness With Dragons

Dragons exist in the liminal which is the infinite space that holds dimensions together. This means that they are not bound by the constraints of a particular realm, but are pure limitlessness. Therefore, building a relationship with them allows you to fall into alignment with the liminal and embody their infinite energies, allowing you to project these energies into harnessing the raw power of creation and destruction in your life. Embodying Dragons will teach you how to enter their perceptual state of seeing cause coming from the future rather than what has happened in your past. They help us let go of trying to fix and change what has occurred for us in the past, leaving us free to create from the place of our becoming. 


What is Involved In The Initiation?

Dragons are the cosmic serpents who have fully shed their skin and stepped into their limitless power. Therefore, your path into the Dragon realm will be a powerful process of shedding your outdated belief systems and patterns in order for you to fully embrace the mythic and move into the place of your becoming. You will learn how to utilise their energies for healing, removing intrusive energies, manifestation, destruction, protection, abundance, healing and ecstasy. They will provide you with unmatched physical and psychic protection and teach you to overcome major challenges that you face.  These initiations are extremely high-level Javanese Shamanic rites of passage to open you to the infinite Dragon power. 

Stages Of The Dragon Path

The Initiation consists of a total of 17 high-level initiations of Javanese Shamanism, each of which will require a week of integration time. Each of these sessions will involve a 1-2 Hour Zoom call to facilitate the initiations and to cover any questions you have. These Include: 

  • Makuto Nogososro (The Crown Dragon) - the first initiation will present you with the crown Dragon, an incredibly powerful Dragon spirit that will connect you to the Dragon realm and awaken the power within you. 

  • Naga Bhajra (Thunder Dragon) & Naga Digdaya (Power Dragon) - The thunder dragon will protect you from the most dense curses known to man, whilst the power Dragon will show you how to retrieve lost power. It is here where you will learn the ancient Dragon sutra to create a sacred space, alongside a spell for power retrieval. 

  • Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga - Tenaga Dalam is a sacred art of invulnerability that will invoke the Dragon's inner power. There are 5 total initiations that require one day of integration, alongside regular breathwork. 

  • Tenaga Dalam Nagapasa - Brings a legion of 100,000 Dragons to your aid. 

  • Daya Naga Pamungkas (Ultimate Power of Dragon), which increases power to the maximum.

  • Daya Naga Pandito, which increases protection and charisma.

  • Dragon heart Flame. Upgrades the heart chakra  for more power and life force.

  • Mahkota Cakra Naga, increases intuition and psychic abilities.

  • Mustika Mata Naga, further increases psychic ability and connection to Higher Self.

  • Pusaka Naga Bumi, Earth Dragon, for protection and Wealth.

  • Pusaka Naga Geni, Fire Dragon, for purification and destroying black magick.

  • Raga Naga (body of Dragon) for protection and invulnerability.

  • Tenaga Dalam Naga Langit, for increased inner power, the power punch and power shout, that can disarm enemies from a distance.

  • Tenaga Dalam Segara Naga, further increases inner power, plus gives a Dragon king, with thousands of dragons, as your guardian.

  • Tenaga Dalam Upas Naga Geni (poison fire dragon) for protection and deadly attacks.

  • Trishula Naga (Dragon trident) a powerful etheric weapon.

  • Ilmu Khodam Naga Pumunkas - Full connection to three Raja Nagas (Dragon Kings)

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Full Initiation Journey - £1,000

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