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ET Contact Program

“To begin to shift the events that occur, a civilisation must become truly aware of the collective entity in which they all contribute towards forming.”

Nathaniel - Collective Entity from Lyra, Vega

The ET-Contact Course is a unique opportunity to learn how to shift your consciousness to allow you to work with the energies of advanced Extraterrestrial civilisations. As our consciousness shifts on the individual and collective levels, so do the energies that we are resonant with. As a result of this, contact with ET civilisations is becoming more common. However, the idea of contact is not only about connecting on the physical level, but needs to occur metaphysically through the resonance we are creating within ourselves in order to manifest contact on the level of matter. This program will teach you about the art of channelling as well as connecting you with your ET-guide and team to enable you to tune into their healing energies for yourself and others. 


What Does ET Channelling Involve?

Learning to channel ET beings is a healing path in it's own right. These beings are highly evolved consciously and are establishing contact with humanity in many different ways. Contact and ongoing collaboration with ET civilisations has already begun and learning to channel them is about clearing your blocks in order to create a deeper resonance between you and these advanced civilisations and in doing so, allowing more of their energies and insights to flow into your consciousness to enhance your connection with the cosmos and all of creation. These beings have different agendas and some may just be passing through - they have a tendency to be extremely playful and have ways of tuning into our being in order to assess what the person needs in that moment in terms of guidance and healing. What occurs in that moment is in complete alignment with the energetic needs of the person. 

What Happens When You Channel ETs?

Sessions with ET beings are incredibly free-flowing and is not a complicated process. If anything, it is the simplicity that makes the process complicated to the programmed Western mind. The process involves creating a resonance in order to draw in their insight and energies, which above all else, requires surrender and trust.  Many people can feel the energies almost instantly and in some cases, before the contact officially begins. As soon as contact is established, the Extraterrestrial team begin working on your energy field in many different ways. The energies start flowing through your body and you may feel changes in body temperature, tingling sensations or even receiving insight or guidance. In some cases, you may feel as if your body is being elevated or as if it's becoming heavier. 


The Origins of ET Channelling Course

This program does not have a specific lineage or place of origin, nor is it one type of energy. It is energy and insight which is channelled directly from a group of ET beings. My initial contact with these beings started through regular Shamanic journeys to the upper world, during which many different beings from various civilisations established contact. However, most of these beings were just passing through and appeared to shed light on certain things within me at that time, which mean't the relationship was never a consistent one. Soon after, I had assistance from an ET contact specialist in establishing conscious contact with my guide and friend - Nathaniel. These beings do not have names in their civilisations so Nathaniel is a way of referring to a group of beings from Vega - the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. Connecting with Nathaniel has opened the door to an entire team of ET beings who come forward with their individual energies to facilitate the healing process. 

What are the main benefits?

  • Provides insight and guidance

  • Induces natural relaxation

  • Eases stress and anxiety

  • Releases heavy energies from your energy body in a gentle way

  • Assists with expanding your consciousness beyond the physical plane

  • Replaces heavy energies with light.

Who will benefit from an ET Healing?

Working with these ET beings is an unconditional process. That said, these beings will never provide more than what the individual is able to handle in that moment. Therefore, an openness to receive the healing and insight from these beings is advised to get the most out of the session.

What to expect from a Healing with me

  • 10-minute consultation to get to know you and your intention for the session.

  • 1-Hour healing session. 

  • 10-minutes to share experiences + integration techniques.

Stages Of The Program

This process is two months long and consists of four 2-3 hour sessions every two weeks with integration work being required between each session. The sessions will take the following structure but will be flexible depending on your needs: 

Session 1 - Pranic Activation: 

  • Intention setting

  • The importance of prana

  • 2-Hour activation of the pranic tube within your being

Two weeks will be required to integrate this initiation.


Session 2 - Meeting Your ET Guide

  • The Art of Channelling

  • About your guide

  • Connection journey to meet your ET guide and team to attune to their energies

  • Channelling your ET team

  • Shifting your resonance

You will be required to continue tuning into your ET guide for 15 minutes each day.  


Session 3 - Enhancing Your Connection

  • Q&A

  • Higher-Self Connection Disk Empowerment

  • Creating a healing pod

  • The act of Surrender

  • Channelling for clients

You will be required to repeat the journeys to the Dark Elves to destroy the remaining dark laws for the next two weeks.


Session 4 - Integration and grounding

  • Q&A

  • Remaining grounded and connected to the Earth

  • Mother Earth Empowerment

  • Bringing the insight of ETs into the modern world

  • Integration

  • Journey to connect with more ET beings

After the program, you will have a strong connection to your personal team of ET beings, as well as the ability to channel their energies and insights to guide your life. You will also be well equipped to share these powerful teachings with others. 

Exchange: £650

Reiki Treatment

Exchange: £650
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