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Heart Healing Workshop & Hapé Ceremony
Heart Healing Workshop & Hapé Ceremony

Sun, 14 Jul


The Float Spa

Heart Healing Workshop & Hapé Ceremony

Open your heart and expand your consciousness with this unique Hapé Ceremony.

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Time & Location

14 Jul 2024, 14:30 – 17:45

The Float Spa, 8 Third Ave, Brighton and Hove, Hove BN3 2PX, UK

About The Event

This group healing ceremony is for those who are seeking drastic healing for their heart and expansion of consciousness using the powerful medicine of Hapé.

This healing circle is being hosted at a time whereby full healing and trusting of the heart is needing to be fully embraced in order to effectively navigate the chaos. We are living in a time whereby we have no other choice but to follow follow our hearts. For this reason, this ceremony will be focussed on clearing the residue from your heart space, using advanced Shamanic healing techniques as well as two very rare and powerful blends of Hapé. Sananga will also be served at this ceremony

What Is Hapé?

Hapé is a powerful, tobacco-based snuff that comes from the indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Amazon. The medicine has a strong and direct spirit that is amazing for releasing heavy energies, grounding and balancing the energy field. The medicine is administered by the space holder, through a pipe and into the nose. Typically, Hapé is made by combining pure tobacco with the ashes from various plants to create the given blend, therefore, every Hapé has a different voice and character. Two different blends of Hapé will be offered, one to expand your consiousness into a state of oneness, and the other to fully open your heart chakra. These are:

  • AYA Hapé - This incredibly rare blend is made out of the same plants that form the Great mother plant spirit (The vine of the soul). This Hapé therefore contains the pure spirit of the great mother spirit and once admistered, will help to expand your consciousness into a place of oneness and interconnectedness with all of creation. 
  • Bobinsana Hapé - This particular Hapé is blended with Bobinsana, an ancient amazonian plant with immense heart healing ability. This Hapé is incredibly powerful but also very gentle and works to fully open the heart chakra.

What Is Sananga? 

Sananga is a plant-based eye drop that is made from Tabernaemontana undulata, a shrub which is found in Brazil and other parts of the Amazon rain forest. It is made by steeping the shredded shrub in distilled water, creating a potent healing eye drop. The eyes absorb and hold an accumilation of energy from various traumatic experiences that can block our psychic and physcial senses - this heavy energy is referred to as Panema. When Sananga enters the eyes, the spirit begins to burn away the toxicity that is stored there, which induces a burning sesnation that only lasts for a few minutes. This medicine is incredibly powerful but is also extremely good for the eyesc and has been proven to cure and prevent a range of occular conditions. The medicine also causes a deep clearing throughout the energy field, creating a sense of peace and clarity after. This will be used first to kickstart the clearing process. 

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamans are trained to act as the mediators between the worlds. They utilise perceptual states to enter a trance-like state that enables them to shift their consciousness between worlds to exchange insight and healing between the physical world and the spirit world. Therefore, Shamanic Healing isn’t just one thing, but often a combination of intuitive techniques - some of which have been acquired through initiation into a tradition, whilst others are channeled directly from spirit. It works with your energy field, which acts as a translucent matrix that surrounds your whole body. This matrix contains the programming that informs your physical experience . Therefore, if someone has experienced trauma, this will show as an imprint within their energy field as a mirror of what is in their psyche. These Karmic imprints also attract energies into your being which can stagnate the flow of energy in your system. Shamanic Healing is designed to clear the energy field of these pollutants and reconnect the client to their authenticity. The healing will work at many layers and will be carried out to drastically clear the heart space of residual energies. 

The Ceremony Includes:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Opening of sacred space
  • Attunement to the Rahanni Orb to shift the entire energy field into resonance with the heart space
  • Attunement to a healing orb to balance and regenerate the heart space
  • Activation of the healing tools
  • Sananga to kickstart the healing process
  • First Hapé serving of the AYA blend to expand your consciousness
  • Group Healing to clear the residual energies from your heart space
  • Second Hapé serving of the Bobinsana blend to open the heart
  • Meditation and Icaros to integrate
  • Closing of sacred space and gratitude to the spirits

Who Is Suitable For This Workshop?

This healing ceremony is for those who are wanting deep healing and expansion of the heart space and who are open to receiving the cleansing and guidance of the spirits of Hapé and Sananga. The medicines are completely safe but their spirits possess a lot of power so be open to their teachings. 

Please note: This healing ceremony is not suitable for those with diagnosed Heart conditions or dissociative psychosis.  

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