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Shamanic Healing, Hapé Circle And Sound Journey
Shamanic Healing, Hapé Circle And Sound Journey

Sat, 09 Mar


The Goosebarn

Shamanic Healing, Hapé Circle And Sound Journey

Expand your consciousness with a powerful Shamanic Healing and Sound Journey.

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Time & Location

09 Mar 2024, 14:30 – 17:00

The Goosebarn, Greenbank Farm, Seworgan, Constantine, Falmouth TR11 5QN, UK

About The Event

Expand your consciousness with a powerful Shamanic Healing, Hapé Circle and Sound Journey.

As we head towards spring, it's the perfect time to deepen your healing path and to transition from the darkness, into the coming light! This retreat will hold you in a sacred space to facilitate this transition by guiding you through a powerful Shamanic Group Healing to release what you have outgrown, followed by a Hapé circle to enhance the healing process and an optional Guayusa Tea to integrate, before receiving a deep Sound Journey and Soul Retrieval to reconnect you to your authenticity. 

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamans are trained to act as the mediators between the worlds. They utilise perceptual states to enter a trance-like state that enables them to shift their consciousness between worlds to exchange insight and healing between the physical world and the spirit world. Therefore, Shamanic Healing isn’t just one thing, but often a combination of intuitive techniques - some of which have been acquired through initiation into a tradition, whilst others are channeled directly from spirit. It works with your energy field, which acts as a translucent matrix that surrounds your whole body. This matrix contains the programming that informs your physical experience . Therefore, if someone has experienced trauma, this will show as an imprint within their energy field as a mirror of what is in their psyche. These Karmic imprints also attract energies into your being which can stagnate the flow of energy in your system. Shamanic Healing is designed to clear the energy field of these pollutants and reconnect the client to their authenticity. The healing will work at many layers and will carry out the following:

  • Clearing of the energy field - all stagnant energies within your system will be cleared, whilst all the chakras and nadis will be drained of stagnation
  • Regeneration of the energy field - powerful rituals will be completed to fill holes in the aura and increase vitality on all levels
  • Tie Cutting - All vampiric links that are draining your energy will be cut
  • Entity & Curse Extraction - All entities, external projections and curses will be removed from your system and in doing so, you will be culled of all external influence
  • Karma Purification - a rare power gifted to me after doing a sadhana under  goddess Chinnamasta, this energy will scan your system and remove all toxic karma, creating greater alignment within your being
  • Protection - you will be surrounded by a legion of Khodams (guardian spirits) that will remain with you after the process to assist with integration

About The Sound Journey

Sadie writes music, works with medicine songs and mantras. She is a trained sound healing practitioner and enjoys creating and holding sacred and ceremonial space. 

Using intuitive singing and gentle ethereal soundscapes with the luna-harp, shruti, flower of life gong, singing bowls, Native American-style flute, sound healing percussive instruments and chimes, the space is filled with high frequency energy. This cleanses to a deeper level and integrates the shifts in energy that will have taken place. 

What Is Hapé?

Hapé is a powerful, tobacco-based snuff that comes from the indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Amazon. The medicine has a strong and direct spirit that is amazing for releasing heavy energies, grounding and balancing the energy field. The medicine is administered by the space holder, through a pipe and into the nose. Two different blends of Hapé will be offered, one to release entities and thought forms, and the other for opening the heart. These are:

  • Huni Kuin Kuma (For a powerful release) - Made from the ashes of the Cumaru tree; a tree that does not rot, Kuma is a powerful but grounding medicine. The Huni Kuin tribe refer to this Hapé as the ‘Black hapé‘ because they use it to protect themselves against low energies and spirits. This will be used before the group healing to release any thought forms.
  • Apurina (For receiving) - This particular Hapé is known as the “Hapé of Light" and is very effective for opening the heart space, providing clarity, expanding the senses, and for aligning you to your authenticity. This is a much more gentle medicine that will be offered after the group healing to open your heart and expand your senses to allow you to be open to receiving the love and abundance of your life. This will be served before the sound healing to open your heart to receive. 

What Is Guayusa?

Guayusa is a sacred tea that has a similar effect to that of Cacao, but has been used for centuries by the Kichwa Tribe of the Ecuadorian Amazon for it's anti-oxidants and to assist with the embodiment of inner strength and increasing psychic abilities and sight. The tea is gentle, yet masculine, with amazing medicinal energy to assist with integration. 


  • Welcome & opening sacred space
  • First Hapé serving of the Kuma blend to ground and remove entities and thought forms
  • Shamanic Group Healing
  • Second Hapé serving of the Apurina blend to open the heart
  • Sound Journey & Soul Retrieval
  • Optional Guayusa Tea for integration
  • Closing prayers

What to bring;

A comfy blanket/ sleeping bag and a yoga mat or similar to lay on and make a nest.


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