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Medicine Wheel Shamanic Practitioner Training

The Medicine Wheel Shamanic Training is an advanced and extensive initiation process that is designed to fully initiate you into the Archetypal energies of the universe that form the continuous process of death and rebirth. Throughout this training, you will heal yourself on a fundamental level as you receive initiations into various Shamanic traditions and learn some of the most advanced healing tools that will allow you to be of service to others as a Shaman and healer. By the end of the training, you will be fully initiated into the archetypal energies of the universe that will guide you through your continuous growth and rebirth, as well as being able to hold space for others. You must have completed the foundation course into Shamanism to be able to do this training.

What Does Shamanic Training Involve?

Shamanic training of this nature is not your average course, nor is it just another string to add to your bow. It is a powerful energetic process that is there to help you embody Shamanism as a way of life. The process shifts you into resonance with the archetypal energies of the universe, each one, bringing it's own medicine for you to embody and integrate into your daily life. As you connect to and embody this medicine, you will undergo rapid changes in yourself and your view of the world around you will become significantly more expansive. Over time, your ability to perceive energy will refine and your view yourself and the spirit world will expand. For this reason, the journey into Shamanism is not one to take lightly as it will take you on a deep journey into clearing old patterns and stories from the past in order to open your channel and enhance your ability to create.

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Meet Your Shamanic Mentor

My goal as your one-to-one mentor is to hold you within a sacred and protected space to allow you to safely delve deep into your healing process. We will work together in harmony with great spirit to facilitate the transformation that you are ready to reach. 

My way of working is direct and to the point. My practice of Shamanism will not bypass anything and instead, will work to address the roots in terms of why certain events, illnesses and perceptions are prominent in one's life, in order to work with them to heal the root. 


The Journey Around The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is present in many cultures and traditions across the world and represents that journey of life and death; it is a deep process of healing and transformation. The training will facilitate your journey through the four directions of the Q'ero Medicine Wheel in order to meet the spirits of each direction and embody the unique medicine that they represent. The journey is as follows: 

South (Serpent Medicine) - The journey begins in South whereby you will meet the great Serpent (Sachamama). Serpent will teach you non-attachment, non-judgement and non-suffering, as well as how to shed all of the stories from your past like Serpent sheds her skin. 

West (Jaguar Medicine) - Jaguar (Otorongo) will show you how to navigate your inner darkness, release shame and step fully into your power. She will also show you the way beyond death so that you can allow the parts of yourself that you have outgrown to pass in order to move into your place of becoming. 

North (Hummingbird Medicine) - The North direction contains the power of both Serpent and Jaguar combined and is the stage of the process whereby you step into mastery. Hummingbird will teach you how to make the impossible, possible and how to step fully into the wisdom teachings. She will teach you how to find the magic and joy within the chaos and the unknown. 

East (Eagle Medicine) - Once you have released the necessary baggage from the first two directions and embodied the found the magic and joy of Hummingbird, you will learn how to fly with Eagle. Eagle medicine is about Quantum-leaping into your place of becoming and embodying your destiny in the present, acknowledging that it isn't separate from you. You will learn to fly into this destiny wing to wing with great spirit.

Structure Of The Training

The training is split into a total of four intensive training retreats, one for each direction. The retreats include a mixture of initiations, lecture, rituals and healing tools, whilst being inclusive of accommodation and food. After being initiated into a an archetype, you will receive the relevant certificate and will need to spend a minimum of six months integrating the energies of that given archetype in order to fully embody their medicine before moving to the next direction. Your power will be built up in stages. 

The South Direction (Serpent): 

Serpent medicine is a core first step onto the Shamanic path as you will learn to detach from all of the stories from your past that no longer define who you are. You will learn the art of non-attachment, non-judgement and non-suffering in order to truly be able to differentiate between what belongs to you and what doesn’t. This is an essential process to understand and embody because it sets you free from vampirism and entangling yourself in dynamics that are out of your control and which aren’t yours to deal with - as a Shaman in the Western world, this is incredibly important for being able to safely practice.

What You Learn In The South: 

  • Full initiation into the Serpent energy

  • Makuto Nogososro Initiation - High-level Dragon initiation to awaken potent healing abilities

  • You will start to build your Mesa (portable altar)

  • Deeper work on your wounds from the past and releasing shame

  • Shamanic journeys to heal the inner child

  • Breaking the contracts with the mother and father

  • Advanced Dark Law destruction

  • How to safely practice as a Shamanic Practitioner

  • How to conduct a fire ceremony + Bala Geni initiation to integrate you with the fire spirits

  • How to execute the Illumination Process to remove toxic imprints from the energy field

  • Receiving and giving the rites of passage: Healer's Rite, Bands of Power and the Harmony Rite

  • Candali Levels 3 & master level to fully raise your kundalini and gift you with potent metaphysical powers

  • Karma Purification Orb to remove toxic karma from yourself and others

*A minimum of six months of required in the Serpent medicine to integrate, alongside healing case studies that will need to be submitted - you will receive the certificate of "Basic Shamanic Practitioner". 

The West Direction (Jaguar): 


The West Direction of the medicine wheel is occupied by the spirit of Mother Jaguar (Otorongo). Jaguar medicine is where the Shaman really begins to emerge. The energies go from the passive Serpent medicine, into the direct nature of the feline energy. It is in the West where you will learn to truly face your inner darkness and see things as they are, breaking out of the illusions that you have created to make sense out of the chaos. Jaguar shows you how to truly befriend your Shadow self and how to confidently work with the Darkness to bring greater healing for yourself and others. It is within the darkest parts of ourselves that contain the greatest medicine for healing and transformation. Jaguar will teach you the way beyond death and how to truly allow the older aspects of yourself to truly die as you move into your place of becoming.

What You Learn In The West: 

  • Full initiation into the Jaguar energy

  • You will continue building your Mesa (portable altar)

  • Macan Putih initiation to bring you a powerful feline Khodam (guardian spirit)

  • Deeper work on befriending your shadow

  • Candali Level 5 - White Mahakali to protect your abundance & prosperity

  • Advanced Tenaga Dalam initiation (invulnerability to psychic attack)

  • Further Dragon Initiations to bring greater protection and healing ability

  • Channelling Dragons for healing, Exorcism, Curse removal and many more

  • Initiation into the Dragon Fire to burn away all negative programs for self and others

  • Deeper work on befriending your shadow

  • Different types of intrusive energies and how we approach them

  • How to remove entities, demons, psychic attack and black magick from clients safely

  • Ensuring intrusive energies don't return

  • Attunement to the Ultimate Exorcism Orb to help you remove intrusive energies from clients

  • How to cleanse and bless a space

  • Psychopomp - how to tune into lost spirits and help them move on

  • Past Life Illumination - how to receive and guide clients

  • Journeying to the Underworld to rescue corrupted soul parts

  • Energetic Funerals and transmission of the death rites

*The West is a big direction so typically six - twelve months are spent in Jaguar energy, alongside healing case studies that will need to be submitted - you will receive the certificate of "Intermediate Shamanic Practitioner". 

The North Direction (Hummingbird)

The third stage of the Q’ero medicine wheel initiation is the North, which is the direction of the Hummingbird. The Hummingbird medicine is an extremely powerful energy that holds more power than both Serpent and Jaguar combined. The North direction is all about finding the nectar of your life, whilst learning to truly see and experience magic and joy within all aspects of your being. However, do not be fooled by this, as Hummingbird will take you through the process of removing everything from your life that is stopping you from feeling that magic and joy, and often, the way this happens is unexpected. She will take you into mastery of your life, making you address everything that has been blocking that full, abundant state of mastery. The North direction is about doing the things that your old programming deemed as impossible. This energy changes you on a fundamental level, therefore, when in full initiation, it is important to be as thorough as possible on the first two directions. 

What You Learn In The North: 

  • Full initiation into the Hummingbird energy

  • You will continue building your Mesa (portable altar)

  • Candali Level 6: Laughing Buddha Initiation

  • Soul and Power Loss

  • How to conduct Power Retrieval

  • How to conduct Soul Retrieval

  • Journey to the ancestors

  • Embodying the vision question

  • Scanning and healing timelines, dimensions and possible futures

  • Creation & dis-creation

  • Future Causality

  • Releasing your teacher


Prices for each retreat:

South: £750 (4-Day Retreat)

West: £750 (4-Day Retreat)

North: £750 (4-Day Retreat)

East: £600 (3-Day Retreat)

What are the main benefits?

  • Learn to step beyond time and connect with your spirit allies

  • Learn how to journey to and clear your attachments to your past lives

  • Connect with your ancestors

  • Learn how to access things that are buried deep in your sub-conscious

  • Learn how to access your Destiny and anchor it into your being

  • Retrieve lost soul parts

  • Receive ancient Shamanic rites of initiation to enhance your psychic abilities

  • Gives you a stronger connection with yourself and the spiritual world around you

Who will benefit from The Course?

This course is built for those who are ready to put time and energy into their Shamanic path and clear the heavy energies and programming from their system, so that they can step into their role as creator of their reality. This course takes you on a necessary healing process before learning to practice Shamanic Healing professionally and safely. 

What to expect from working with Luke

  • Light-hearted but direct approach to healing.

  • Regular communication.

  • Ongoing support and integration techniques.


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