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How Does Shamanic Healing Work?

The practice of Shamanism goes back thousands of years. It is perhaps the oldest and most diverse spiritual practice known to man. The true origin of Shamanism is difficult to define due to its persistence all over the world and it's consistency of practice throughout every culture. We know that it has come from our ancestors, particularly ancient native cultures including: Siberia, Native America and South America. Despite facing challenges of oppression within Governments and Religions that have not approved of it, the practice remains prominent within indigenous communities and tribes across the world. For centuries, these communities have hidden away, and their practice of Shamanism remained a secret to the Western world. It is only within the last 25 years that this ancient way of life has been making itself known, therefore in Western society, it is still very much in its infancy.

What Is Shamanism

Shamanism is often considered to be the key to our existence here on Earth. It is not considered to be a religious practice but more of a way of life that involves living in complete harmony and in stewardship to the earth. It is a nature-driven path of revelation and awakening to the world of energy and our unconditional connection to spirit. The word “Shamanism” is a Siberian Manchu-Tungus term for “the one who knows”. Shamanic practice is the process of gathering, storing and utilising strength and insight that assist us in transcending the everyday laws of nature in order to influence and restore energy and the world around us for the purpose of healing and transformation.

The practice of Shamanism is focussed around the fact that it is our responsibility to dream our world into being and that we are responsible for maintaining our garden of Eden. In other words, Shamanism recognises the fact that the life that we live, the people that we meet and the scenarios we encounter are a mirror what is going within us. One’s journey into the world of Shamanism is an unfolding process of soul-level transformation and self-discovery. It requires one to truly shed the old aspects of themselves that no longer serve them in order to be reborn into a luminous, peaceful warrior.

What Is The Role Of A Shaman

Within indigenous communities, the Shamans are local leaders who are able to see into the world of energy, spirit and the fundamental nature of the universe. They are not only responsible for the healing of themselves but also the healing of their whole community. Shamans are highly respected advisors and healers and are known for communicating with nature spirits, honouring the plants and the animal spirits as well as performing a range of ancient healing techniques, depending on what is needed at that time.

A Shaman is often referred to as a medicine man/woman and is someone who acts as the barrier between the physical world and the spirit world. They are able to enter altered states of being at their free will in order to perform a range of different functions such as healing, gathering insight, connecting to the land and much more.

What Is Shamanic Healing And How Does It Work?

Shamanic Healing works with the Luminous Energy Field, also known as the energy system, subtle body or luminous body. The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) refers to our energetic body. It is a translucent matrix that extends around and beyond the physical body in all directions. It is an energetic mirror of where we are in ourselves and any past traumas or woundings leave imprints in the luminous body. When old, destructive programming is left within the luminous body and the wound is left untreated, over time, the density of these imprints increase, which can have a direct impact on mental and physical health. Leaving such wounding untreated can cause further attachments and entities to latch onto the luminous body, making it harder to change certain behaviours and patterns that don’t serve us. The shape of the luminous body directly impacts what manifests in the physical body and the outside world.

Shamanic Healing works to directly address the imprints in the luminous body in order to eliminate entities, attachments and wounding that is preventing us from breaking destructive patterns in our lives. In order to effectively address the root cause, we need to learn how to look at our shadow from a perspective that differs from the destructive ancestral programming that many of us are used to. A shadow in a Shamanic context, refers to unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that we aren’t yet aware of. They are conspiracies of the ego that form within the first 18 months of our lives. Most of the time, these shadows are ancestral and have been passed down through multiple generations, whilst they can often be empowered by attachments to past lives. Removing the heavy energy that is attached to these shadows allows it to become easier to alter this programming, but the goal of Shamanic Healing isn’t just for the person to “receive healing” or to “be healed”. It is a process of peeling back the layers of our shadows in order to shape a more harmonious view of ourselves and the world around us.

Some refer to Shamanic Healing as “soul-level psychotherapy” and it very much lives up to that description due to it requiring us to delve into the deepest parts of ourselves. Shamanic work is about journeying to the darkest aspects of ourselves in order to bring light and a new perspective to these aspects. Because of the wide range of issues that can come up in a session, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach to healing. It’s all depending on what the client is ready to release at that time. For this reason, the Shaman can access a range of different healing tools, depending on what the client needs. Below are some examples of the different Shamanic Healing tools that can be utilised during a session:

  • The Illumination Process - Works to clear toxic imprints from the Luminous Energy Field by burning up the residual energy within a chakra, combusting it and replacing it with light.

  • Entity & Black Magic Extraction - Works to remove entities, attachments and black magic from the energy field.

  • Past Life Illumination - Allows the client to journey back to and experience past lives in order to release unhelpful attachments to those lives.

  • Soul Rescue - Journey to the underworld to retrieve trapped soul parts that have become lost through traumatic experiences.

  • Psychopomp - The process of assisting lost spirits in returning back to the light.

  • Black Despacho - The creation of a sacred offering to the earth, made up of items that represent aspects of ourselves that we are ready to release from our lives.

  • White Despacho - The creation of a sacred offering to the spirit of the fire, made up of things that we are ready to bring into our lives.

There are many different reasons why someone might feel guided towards Shamanic work. In terms of who should or should not come for a healing, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all. The only real requirement there is for Shamanic Healing is the genuine intention to understand the root of an issue or wound, as well as a willingness to take responsibility for what occurs in our lives. The spirits respect free will and will never present you with anything that you are unable to handle, even if it seems challenging. For this reason, the more open and willing you are to own your stuff and receive a healing of this nature, the more beneficial it will be.

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