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Shamanic Healing: A Guide To Intrusive Energies

Updated: Jan 23

In the infinite realm of Shamanism, various practices have stood the test of time as powerful tools for addressing various challenges, including the presence of intrusive energies. This guide explores the fascinating world of Shamanic Healing and its ability to navigate the world of intrusive energies, and to use them as tools for deeper healing and insight.

Understanding Intrusive Energies

What Are Intrusive Energies?

Intrusive energies refer to external energetic forces that disrupt the natural flow of one's energy, often causing physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. These energies take on various forms that are merely symbolic of their role. It's important to understand that there is no definitive form in the astral plane as form exists only on the level of matter. The imagination/visual cortex in the brain is what acts as the filter, through which energies will take on the form that resonates most with the person, according to their views and beliefs. For example, a common view of a "demon" is often a bat-winged and horned being, but this form is not set in stone and will ultimately vary depending on who is perceiving it. Below are the most common types of intrusive energies that we encounter in the world of Shamanic Healing:

  1. Entities - Also known as fluid energies, this is a broad term for conscious, fragmented spirits that have become corrupted, causing them to gravitate towards a resonant energy source in order to maintain themselves. These are not demons! Demons are created only by the beholder. In fact, entities are normally lost and vulnerable. In most cases, they are fragmented soul parts that have detached from their source through trauma and have never been retrieved, for this reason, they are handled with care and compassion. Symptoms often include: Enhanced toxic emotions, clenches or pain in the body, feelings of not being fully in control of one's thoughts.

  2. Solid Energies - Solid energies are an accumulation of energy that holds resonance with an internal pattern and therefore becomes stagnated in the energy body. Their manifested form depends on the function of that particular energy. For example, a projected energy often takes on the form of a sharp object such as a spear or arrow that pierces through the energy body, whilst excessive strain or responsibility would likely manifest as a heavy rock or brick. Symptoms often include: Unconsciousness/numbness, general heaviness, aches in the body.

  3. Cords - These are vampiric links that carry energy from one source to another. An example of this would be a codependent relationship; one person could have insecurities that cause them to require a certain level of energy from their partner, and therefore end up taking their partner’s life force. Another example could be someone who is hard-coded into victim mode and wants the energy from other people to satisfy their victim shadow. This is an unconscious state of being known as “energy vampire”. Vampirism is also common in the healing and therapy world too and is essential to be aware of as this type of intrusive energy is the most normalised in Western society. Symptoms often include: Mild to extreme fatigue, excessive responsibility, spikes in shame and decrease in power.

  4. Psychic Attacks - A very broad term for a range of different energies that are sent with malicious intent. Many of us direct this energy without actually realising it. If we think of someone who wronged us or who upset us and we are attacking them energetically, we are sending them a light form of psychic attack that becomes latched into their energy field if it holds resonance with them. Their susceptibility to this psychic attack is dependant on the emotional imprints that the person is holding onto. In rare cases in the Western world, Psychic attack can become more extreme through the assistance of occult practices and spirits, which falls under the very broad category of “black magic or dark shamanism”. Symptoms are highly variable but often include: harsh or intense thoughts about a particular person, increased anxiety and often sharp sensations throughout the body.

Best Ways Of Dealing With Intrusive Energies

As mentioned above in various cases, the impact of intrusive energies highly depends on the affinity the person has with them. The key word here is "resonance". We can't encounter an energy without there being a resonance between us and the energy. A very common thing I encounter in healing work is clients who just want to receive clearings on their energy field to remove the intrusive energies from their system which is a quick process. The problem with this however, is that it doesn't actually deal with the root of the problem. As there needs to be a resonance, intrusive energies can quickly return if the core wound hasn't been effectively processed. For example, someone could continuously attract the same type of destructive relationships - the partner can be removed on the physical level but will just attract a different version of the same partner in their place. So the short answer is to not try and fight these energies, but to use them to inform which parts of ourselves need healing.

Shamanic Healing Techniques:

The Role of the Shaman - A shaman serves as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms. A core learning of the shaman is learning to perceive things beyond the material level, which makes Shamans the ideal choice for identifying, understanding, and addressing intrusive energies most efficiently.

Journeying: Connecting with the Spirit World - Shamanic journeying is a powerful technique where the practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness to seek guidance and healing from the spirit world. This trance-like state is used to identify and interact with intrusive energies in order to find out what attracted them in before drawing the energy out using a combination of ancient practices and techniques.

Extraction/Exorcism Rituals - A core aspect of Shamanic Healing is the ritualistic practice of energy extraction, where the shaman removes intrusive energies from the individual's energy field. This combines various tools such as rattles, drums, chanting, sacred songs and channelling.


As we navigate the complexities of our spiritual and emotional landscapes, shamanic healing offers a profound and time-tested method for addressing intrusive energies and the wounds that are behind them. By understanding the principles and practices outlined here, individuals can embark on a transformative journey toward greater balance, harmony, and overall well-being. Embrace the power of Shamanism and reclaim your energetic sovereignty with a tailored Shamanic Healing approach

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