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Shamanism & The Spirit World: Angels & Daemons

Shamanism, one of the world's oldest spiritual practices, offers a unique lens through which to understand the spirit world, including the concepts of angels and daemons. Rooted in ancient traditions and cultures, shamanism provides insights into how humans interact with and interpret these spiritual entities from a place that is not limited by the false ideas of duality that we have been programmed with in the western world. This blog delves into the various perspectives on angels and daemons, exploring their roles, characteristics, and the practices used to connect with them. 

Understanding Duality

Before delving into angels and daemons and the unique roles in which they play in the universe, we need to first understand the concept of duality. Unlike many religious frameworks that view duality as a stark opposition between good and evil, shamanic traditions often embrace the interplay of opposing forces as a natural and necessary balance within the universe. Embracing the necessity of these opposing forces in our soul’s evolutionary path provides greater opportunity for transformation and change. In the context of modern psychology, specifically jungian work, you can interpret the darkness and the light as the unconscious and conscious parts of the human psyche. The light is seen as the safe place simply because it represents the aspects of the self that are conscious, known, and ordered whilst the darkness represents the aspects of the self that are unconscious, mysterious and chaotic. However, both the unconscious and conscious parts of the self are necessary to embrace. This concept is the same when differentiating Angels and Daemons. Angels dwell in the light and are here to maintain order from chaos, whilst Daemons dwell in the darkness and are more chaotic in nature. However, such entities are viewed differently according to the given tradition. Let us explore these now.

The Religious View On Angels & Daemons

A lot of what we hear about angels and demons is rooted in various religious and mythological traditions which also have influence over popular modern culture. These views are as follows:

Angels: In Abrahamic religions, angels are divine messengers of God. They are often depicted as benevolent beings who guide and protect humans. Key texts such as the Bible, the Quran, and the Torah describe their creation and duties as service to mankind and the collective. In other words, Angels are seen as the forces of good in the world that maintain order. 

Daemons: Daemons, on the other hand, are often portrayed by such religious systems as malevolent spirits that are out to cause mayhem and pain to the collective. This definition also has a slightly different spelling and is spelt as “demon” as opposed to “daemon”. In Christianity, they are fallen angels who rebelled against God. Other cultures and religions have their own interpretations, such as Djinn in Islam and other malevolent spirits in various folklore. These entities are seen as forces that have been refused and neglected by the creator. 

These religious views on duality appear in everything - books, movies, TV shows, you name it. It is always depicted as the good working to extinguish the bad in order to maintain order from chaos. This is what causes us as a society to naturally fear what exists in the dark, despite the fact that it is a core aspect of the self. 

The Shamanic/Occult View On Angels and Daemons

In contrast, many Shamanic and occult traditions view Angels and Daemons differently to that of the above religious systems. They are seen more as two necessary segments of creation itself, therefore, both have equal value. They are seen more as the positive and negative charges on a battery; without both the positive and negative charges, the full current of the battery cannot effectively operate. 

Angels (The Positive Polarity) - angelic entities are seen similarly to that of the religious view but are not seen as beings that are predominantly good or bad. For example, when referring to archangels, many seem to forget that these are multiple-dimensional beings with many different aspects to them. They are beings that are positively-polarised in nature, which refers to the positive charge in the example of a battery. This means that they send energy outwards and are generally in service to the collective, establishing order from chaos. Therefore, their energy is seen as more masculine than feminine. For example, in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, angels would represent the right pillar of divine light, symbolising the masculine. 

Daemons (The Negative Polarity) - daemonic entities on the other hand are seen as “divine intelligence” as this is the meaning of the traditional term “daemon”. These are beings that are negatively polarised in nature and represent the negative charge in the example of the battery. This negative charge means that they pull energy inwards as opposed to radiating it outwards like angels do. Therefore, daemons are seen as more feminine and vampiric in nature because they pull in energy and represent the pure service to self. However, these beings are not seen as evil, nor are they good. They are raw, earthly expressions of primordial chaos which are important forces to embody when seeking transformation. Because they are in greater resonance with the Earth’s vibration than angels are, they have greater influence over the material world. 

As humans, we have both positive and negative charges within us, therefore, there is value to working with both daemonic and angelic entities. The polarities within the self need to be effectively balanced in order to effectively grow. For example if someone possesses too many daemonic (negatively-polarised) aspects, they won’t have much consideration for others and therefore can be classified as narcissistic. On the other hand, if someone possesses too many angelic (positively-polarised) aspects then they can be classified as overly empathic, always considering others' needs above their own, causing them to be drained of life force. As you can see, it’s essential to learn to sit in balance between the two polarities and getting to know oneself enough to know when to exercise each charge. There will be times whereby one needs to be more selfish and will therefore be exercising a daemonic current within themselves, whilst on other occasions, one may need to leave their own needs to one side in order to be of service. Balance between these two is essential. 

Balancing Chaos and Order

Another core aspect of these entities is understanding what their currents of energy really do and the true roles in which they play. As mentioned above, angelic entities establish order from chaos, whilst daemonic entities bring chaos with them. Again, it’s easy to view order as good and chaos as bad without really understanding what they are. 

Both order and chaos compliment each other through paradox in the same way as light and dark, masculine and feminine etc; one simply cannot be fully embraced without the other. We are all programmed to avoid chaos and establish order, even if it is at our detriment to do so. In fact, the role of the ego is to separate us from source so that we can make sense of the world around us. So avoiding chaos is literally what the ego is wired to do in order to keep us safe from perceived danger. This starts in our early years when the ego is developing - we experience trauma, the undesired emotion creates a shockwave through the psyche and we then develop behaviours and patterns to avoid this from happening again. These responses serve us as children because they do exactly what they are designed to do and that is to keep us safe. However, as we grow into adulthood, the emotional responses continue to play out, in other words, the ego refuses to change and continues with the old programming of trying to hold us within a place of perceived safety and order, even if it prevents us from growing. It is this alongside the programmed ideas of duality that cause us to classify chaos as bad, hence why the majority of the collective do everything in their power to feel in control, exercising the wounded masculine. 

Chaos is inevitable if we want consistent growth individually and collectively. We have to embrace the destruction of the outdated laws both within the self and the external world in order to grow towards our authenticity. Old paradigms and belief systems that may represent security for the ego need to shatter to clear space for the new world. This doesn’t just happen once but is a continuous process individually and collectively. When we surrender to chaos, we are opening ourselves up to new possibilities and order. When order is embraced, we are opening ourselves up to the further growth that chaos will bring. Embracing this paradox is what both angels and daemons can assist with. 

Types Of Angels and Daemons

There is not just one type of spirit. When referring to angels and daemons, we are referring to beings that are operating on a full god-level of consciousness and are therefore multi-dimensional in nature. This means that their currents of energy greatly surpass that of the physical plane. A single entity of this nature is not limited by time or space and can appear in unlimited numbers of places at once. There are also many different hierarchies of beings as with any pantheon and the viewpoints vary depending on the given tradition. Each entity will also have different aspects to them that will manifest according to the resonance of the individual working with them. For example, Archangel Michael is seen as greatly supportive and protective in nature. However, these entities will also have other aspects that are more dense and direct than others.

Types of Angels: 

Guardian Angels: Many believe that each person has a guardian angel assigned to them at birth, watching over and protecting them throughout their lives. This is essentially the angelic equivalent of your higher-self. 

Archangels: These are high-ranking angels with specific roles. Archangel Michael, for instance, who is known as a protector and warrior, while Archangel Gabriel is a messenger who delivered important revelations. There are many archangels with different rankings but the most notable are the primary 7, however these names vary according to the tradition: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Sariel, Raguel, and Remiel.

Cherubim and Seraphim: These celestial beings are often depicted as serving directly in the presence of the creator, emphasising their purity and closeness to the divine.

72 Angels of the Shem Hamephorash: outlined is jewish mysticism, these are 72 currents of energy, each of which represent each of the names of the creator. 

Types of Daemons: 

Personal Daemons: Many believe these to be the underworld equivalent of the guardian angel. This is a being of raw power that is attuned to the energies of your higher-self, but has greater input over your ability to create your reality. 

Archdaemons: These are high-ranking daemons with specific roles in the underworld. Typically, the hierarchies mirror that of the angels but are the underworld equivalent, however there are clearer categories for the daemons such as commanders, dukes, prince(ess) and kings. In many traditions there are also a primary 9 gatekeepers/kings that are of the highest ranking but the specific entities that are within such categories will vary depending on the source. 

72 Daemons of the Ars Goetia: much like the 72 shem angels, the underworld equivalents are the 72 ars goetia. These are very powerful entities that operate under the high-ranking archdaemons. 

Each individual will have certain angels and daemons that are closer in resonance to them according to their unique energy and needs. Each individual will also have what is referred to as a patron(ess) angel and daemon that is in resonance with your life’s purpose. These are different from guardian angels and personal daemons and typically represent a core current of energy that holds traits that you need to learn to embody fully in this life. Often, these are traits that can oppose your programmed values if those values are not in alignment with your soul’s evolutionary path. For example, someone who is shy and passive will likely have patrons that are very loud and direct. Whilst someone who is loud and direct may get a patron who is more subtle. 

Working With Angels and Daemons

Working with these entities comes with their own individual lessons according to factors such as your intention, what you are needing and the specific spirit you are interacting with. Because these entities are opposing forces, their energies feel very different. The differences are as follows:

The Angelic Current - many report the angelic current feeling very subtle and typically brings feelings of peace, serenity and comfort, alongside powerful transmissions of wisdom to aid your spiritual evolution. Typically the angelic current will encourage your service to the collective and will work to raise your level of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The role of many angels is to help you refine your values in a way that goes beyond that of the material world and in doing so, paradoxically helping you to attract more material success by simply focussing on it less. The angelic current is a manageable current to work with for beginners. The energy is also quite accessible and is easy to pick up and put down. 

The Daemonic Current - much more dense in nature. The energy of daemonic entities feel much more prominent than that of angels simply because they are closer to the human realm. The daemonic current is one of primordial chaos so interacting with it is known to bring up repressed traumas and emotions in order for you to befriend and process them effectively. Daemons encourage greater boundaries and work to initiate you into higher levels of personal power. I don’t recommend working with this current unless you have prior experience with shadow work. Daemons are most interested in working with those who are willing to look at themselves and who want to grow into greater personal power. Victim mentality does not go well with the daemonic current. 

Interacting with both of these currents will bring significant alchemical transformation that is irreversible but beneficial for your soul’s evolutionary path. 

Considerations and Warnings

Due to their multi-dimensional nature, any intention, thought and feeling that rests upon these spirits are noticed by them. Therefore, it is essential to approach them with the utmost respect. It is important to take precautions before working with them:

  • Do not give your power away - many people want to give their power away to the spirit world and approach them from a place of lack, expecting them to change their lives for them. This is just like taking the patriarchal programming of religion and projecting it onto the spirits. This will not yield a desired result as these entities want you to grow. Always check your intention for interacting with such spirits and make sure it is coming from a good place. 

  • Treat the spirits how you would a human being - many practitioners start trying to command the spirits they are working with or start asking them for things before really getting to know them. If I approach another person that I don’t know very well and start asking them for money, they are not going to want me around. It is the same with spirits. Be sure to approach them with respect, otherwise things can go wrong. 

  • Beware of imposter spirits - when starting out, it is not uncommon for new practitioners to encounter astral parasites that pose as the entities they are summoning in order to build trust so that they can take energy from the practitioner. A true spirit guide will not overpromise or encourage you to place your capability to change into them. Practice discernment and don’t be afraid to test the spirits you are working with. 

Getting Started

It is vital to remember that these currents of energy are already existent within all of us. Therefore, simply being conscious of this is a good place to start. Before actively working with such entities, it is beneficial to be actively engaging with your personal healing path. My Shamanic Healing sessions can provide a direct approach to this, bringing modern psychology into balance with ancient shamanic techniques. For those interested in working with angels extensively, I have an advanced angel magick course that is taught 1-2-1 that will connect you to a powerful legion of angelic entities, whilst teaching you how to safely summon them. For those who are a bit further along in their healing journey and who want to take their shadow work to the next level, my underworld initiation provides powerful initiations and techniques to help you safely interact with the daemonic currents of energy to aid your growth into personal power. 

To Conclude

Shamanic views of duality, alongside the celestial and underworld currents of energy offer a profound and holistic understanding of the balance inherent in the universe. By exploring these opposing forces and entities through shamanic practices, we gain deeper insights into the interconnectedness of all things and the ongoing quest for harmony and balance.

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