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Unveiling the Mysteries of Energy: Astral Parasites and Thought Forms

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In the realm of alternative healing practices, shamanic traditions stand out for their profound understanding of the interconnectedness between the physical, spiritual, and energetic aspects of existence. Central to shamanic healing is the recognition of unseen forces that can influence our overall well-being and daily lives. Two core challenges that are often encountered in my healing practice are astral parasites and thought form entities. However, the concept is heavily misunderstood. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to explore these fascinating concepts, shedding light on their significance in the realm of shamanic healing and how to best approach them.

Understanding Astral Parasites

“Astral parasite” is a very broad term for a range of energetic entities but accurately describes how these energies function and the role in which they play. As perceived in shamanic belief systems, astral parasites are entities that feed on the vitality of individuals, causing energetic imbalances and spiritual disharmony. Much like physical parasites, which latch onto the physical body and drain it, astral parasites latch onto our energetic bodies, draining us of our life force and enhancing existing vulnerabilities. These entities are thought to be attracted to negative emotions, trauma, and unresolved issues, making individuals susceptible to their influence. The effects of astral parasites can easily vary depending on the entity itself as well as the magnitude of the trauma that it is latching onto within the person. Most people won’t consciously realise they have them due to us being programmed into numbness and unconsciousness when it comes to energy, whilst others may experience more severe symptoms if they are particularly sensitive.

The most common symptoms of astral parasites are but are not limited to the following:

  • Low energy, sluggishness and fatigue

  • Apathy

  • Spikes in anxiety and depression

  • Greater shaming of dark thoughts/visions

  • Painful/unsettling images when trying to sleep

  • Invasive body sensations such as stabbing and clenching

How does one come into contact with astral parasites?

These beings operate within the lowest vibrational densities, meaning they hold a strong resonance with the individual and collective unconscious states. For this reason, near enough any unresolved trauma can attract an astral parasite through resonance alone. This works in a very similar way to the law of attraction, whereby we attract what mirrors our own unconscious belief systems about ourselves and the world around us. Much like how we attract a person or situation into our lives which mirrors our unconscious, the same thing will occur within the astral plane but at a much quicker rate. The main reason for this is manifestation being near enough instantaneous in the astral plane, whilst a physical manifestation needs consistent energy in order for that experience to be able to anchor itself into the physical plane.  So to summarise,  if we are holding onto lack or unprocessed trauma, we are going to attract energy into our field that mirrors the trauma we went through. Astral parasites are also extremely common for those who are initiating in esoteric practices such as Shamanism or the occult, particularly if regularly utilising astral travel (journeying) or ritual work. From experience, astral parasites can come through if intending on speaking with a specific spirit through ritual or astral travel - they can even pose as the spirit that you are intending to work with in order to establish a bond with your energy field. For this reason, they are often confused with Daemons (divine intelligences) and are part of the reason such spirits are seen as evil. 

How to deal with or prevent astral parasites:

  • Keep doing shadow work - this is essential for befriending and effectively processing your trauma/programming as this is what astral parasites latch onto. Shadow work is the way back to the true self and is also the most effective form of building psychic protection. If you think you’ve done enough shadow work, you probably need to do more!  

  • Welcome your emotions - a big mistake that many people make in their healing work is avoiding negative emotions and covering them with love & light. This is spiritual bypassing and leads to greater fear and suppression of what lies within the unconscious, making you easy prey for parasitic entities. Feeling and processing your emotions is essential for growth as when you are in conflict with them, you will never feel truly safe within yourself. 

  • Banish them - if you encounter an astral parasite and feel your energy is being drained, don’t hesitate to banish it! Simply telling it to leave may not be enough. I have various attunements that will connect you to powerful and practical systems to easily remove these forces from yourself, others and the land around you. See distant activations for more information. 

  • Practise discernment & feel into your intention - this is important particularly if you are intending on building a stronger relationship with the spirit world. Understand that not all spirits have your best interest at heart and may try to influence you in order to get energy from you. The key to discernment is understanding your intention in the first place - if a spirit tries to give you all the answers and encourages you to place your power and capability to change into them, it is most-likely an astral parasite. Good spirit guides want you to be in your own power and not rely on them (essential to remember). This is also the same for mentors and spiritual teachers! 

By understanding the nature of astral parasites, we can empower and train ourselves to recognise their presence and take steps towards co-creative healing and processing of our traumas and in doing so, enhancing our psychic protection and inner power.

Understanding Thought Forms

Thought forms are another integral concept in shamanic healing work. They are energetic manifestations created by our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. These subtle energy constructs hold immense power, shaping our reality and influencing our experiences. Whether positive or negative, thought forms can impact our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. For example, Shamans often work with thought forms consciously to facilitate healing and transformation, guiding individuals to release negative patterns and cultivate positive energy. The occult term for a thought form is “Servitor” which is a spirit that is created to continuously carry out a particular task. Some examples of good thought forms would be a co-creative business, strong self-esteem/belief and loving family dynamics. The consciousness that is behind these things have been shaped through positive beliefs in the concepts themselves. For example, a business is created through the shaping of a particular idea and when this idea is ignited through belief, a consciousness is created in the astral plane which is what creates the external concept in the physical plane. The term “egregore” refers to a thought form that is created collectively speaking, examples being big corporations, families, friendship groups etc. 

Malicious Thought Forms

Because thought forms are essentially self-created entities, they are also shaped through disempowerment. Any strong belief of lack and self-sabotage likely has a thought form behind it that has been created through the mere belief alone. So if somebody experiences trauma and abuse in their childhood for example, these experiences create belief systems that are moulded around the trauma they experienced. These belief systems will ignite consciousness for several thought forms that will continue to carry forward the concept of trauma and abuse, causing the person to recreate the experiences of their early years within themselves and the world around them. For many, these thought forms can become so dense that reality without them is incomprehensible, the reason being that the beliefs are formed to create order from the chaos of the trauma so breaking out of those programs involves embracing chaos, the exact thing that the thought forms were created to avoid. An example of a really dense thought form would be someone who is experiencing a spirit attacking them or taking over their body (a surprisingly common thing to encounter in Shamanic work). In this case, the thought form has become so strong that it is re-creating the past trauma of being directly attacked. The majority of cases that report these severe symptoms are in fact self-created thought forms in response to significant past and unresolved trauma. 

Understandably, this is a challenging concept for many to get their heads around and fully own. When someone owns the fact that they are creating their life experiences, it doesn’t mean blaming themselves for the trauma that was experienced in the past as this is out of their direct control. However what it does mean is taking responsibility for their own emotional responses as doing so allows them to begin to take back their power and learn to distribute energy towards more co-creative areas of their lives. Doing so also stops the malicious thought forms that were created through trauma from getting more energy to sustain themselves. 

How to deal with malicious thought forms:

  • Take responsibility for your emotional responses - all thought forms are fed by the energy and belief that is going into them, which essentially means that they are only fed by the individual. Taking responsibility for the fact that you yourself are creating your reality is what everyone struggles with when it comes to their healing path on some level but it is the greatest remedy for all as it puts you back in the driver’s seat. 

  • Self-enquiry/Shadow work - being able to look clearly at oneself and your limitations and learning to comfortably sit with them and work with them without conflict will help you to distribute energy away from the thought form, at which point it will start to shrink as a new neural pathway is being formed.

Differentiating Astral Parasites and Thought Forms

It’s important to understand how astral parasites and thought forms mirror each other. If a parasite is attracted to an unresolved trauma, it is going to be connected to a deeper-rooted thought form that is playing out. In this case, both of these entities can complement and feed each other. However, there are key differences between these entities in terms of how they manifest within the energy field directly:

Astral Parasites:

  • Astral parasites are external forces that mirror internal, unprocessed trauma.

  • They will show directly within the person’s energy field as a fluid energy that circles the location of the trauma in the energy body.

  • Are more likely to manifest physical symptoms such as fatigue, clenching or heaviness in the body.

  • Will bring unpleasant, suppressed emotions to the surface.

Thought Forms: 

  • Thought forms are purely internal manifestations.

  • They will not show directly within the person’s energy field.

  • They show themselves through repeating patterns, behaviours and physical encounters.

  • Can create the sensation of something attacking you as a way of recreating past trauma.

Building resistance to parasites and thought forms

It is essential to understand that the universe operates through paradoxical energy: Positive and negative charges, masculine and feminine, light and dark etc. A common issue that I encounter in my healing work is people feeling like they need some form of protection against these types of energies so therefore, end up seeking a primary treatment or modality that is going to stop them from encountering such challenges - this does not exist and this motivation behind healing work is counterproductive. The main reason being that this intention alone contradicts itself. Due to paradoxical energy, the need to have protection actually creates a more solid reality of someone not feeling truly safe within themselves. The same goes for other things such as abundance - as a practitioner, if I am in desperate need of clients and I’m going out of my way to try and get them, what does that do for me? The desperation actually repels what I’m wanting to create simply because I’m not in resonance with that outcome. As soon as I let go of the need to get clients, clients come quickly purely because the state of knowingness is what attracts them through resonance alone. 

So when approaching these types of energies, we are just going to end up creating more inner conflict if we try to fight/purge ourselves of them, simply because they are a mirror of what is in our shadow and trauma that hasn’t been processed. When we embody the feminine and simply allow the teachings of these energies to sink in without creating conflict with these parts of us, paradoxically, we actually end up creating greater resistance to them simply because we are using them to process our wounds and traumas, which represent our affinity to such problems. 

Shamanic healing work is one of the most effective methods for learning to approach such challenges, whilst Shamanic Training and Initiation takes you on the deep energetic process of bringing your unprocessed wounds to the surface in order to learn to use them as tools to bring greater healing to yourself and others.


In the enigmatic realm of shamanic healing, the exploration of astral parasites and thought forms unveils a rich tapestry of spiritual wisdom and insight. By acknowledging the interconnectedness of all things and embracing the power of the shadow and awareness, we embark on a journey of healing and transformation that transcends the limitations of the physical world.

As we navigate the inner landscapes of consciousness, may we honour the wisdom of the ancient shamans and embrace the path of self-discovery and empowerment, knowing that true healing arises from the darker aspects of the self.

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