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Power Retrieval Program

The Power Retrieval program is an incredibly powerful, one to one process that is designed to build your energetic self-sufficiency by teaching you how to fully reclaim your power to remain protected from the most potent psychic attacks and black magic known to man. This program includes a combination of advanced healing work, shamanic journeys and powerful initiations from many different corners of Shamanic Practice such as the Andean, Javanese and the Aghora paths and will provide you with the necessary tools to step fully into your power, whilst maintaining solid energetic protection and self-healing.


The Importance of Reclaiming Your Power

Power is something that is essential for us to create the reality that we want. When we truly realise how much of our power has been taken from us throughout various stages of our lives, through feelings such as shame and guilt, it is no wonder that many of us are no longer able to create the reality we truly want and deserve.  We become accustomed to living life in powerlessness, with low expectations while being constantly drained by forces that exist outside of ourselves. This program is built to help you address the core stages of your past whereby you have given your power away and reclaim it and in doing so, building your self-sufficiency and resilience to heavy external energies.  Throughout the program, you will receive healings and initiations into various Shamanic powers , as well as developing daily practice to build and maintain your energetic self-sufficiency and step fully into your power.

Healing Your Resonance With Heavy Energies

It is important to remember that like attracts like. Nothing can enter your life if it does not match your energy. For this reason, the heavy energies that we are holding onto are always going to be a mirror of a wound within us. The unhealed parts of ourselves act as the hooks for resonant external energies. In Shamanic practice we often find that intrusive energies can be easily removed but if the wound that attracted the energies are not dealt with, they will quickly return. An example of this is if somebody is continuously attracting the same romantic partners or if someone is experiencing recurring illness - you can get rid of the partner or remove the cancer on the physical level but if the hook still remains in the energy body, nothing is stopping them from returning in a different physical form. For this reason, this program teaches you how to identify and work with the affinities that attracted these energies to you in the first place which is the key to optimal psychic protection - the healing always has to come from within. 

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What's Included In the Program?

You will receive many initiations that will feed your energy body, alongside powerful techniques and daily practice to build your resistance to intrusive energies. Below are the core techniques and initiations that you will receive:

  • Sacred Space - how to open and close sacred space.

  • Extractions - Removal of intrusive energies from your system.

  • Illumination Healings - to remove the energetic imprints of unprocessed trauma in order to change your karma and build your resistance to heavy energies.

  • Reclaiming Power Journey - you will learn how to journey into the collective unconscious to call back any power that you have given away. 

  • Banishing Orb - you will be attuned to a powerful orb that will clear your energy field of all intrusive energies when activated.

  • Candali/Gtummo (Levels 1-4) - gradual and safe awakening of the kundalini energy, alongside bringing powerful Psychic and physical protection.

  • Makuto Nogososro (Crown Dragon) - high-level initiation of Javanese Shamanism that connects you fully to the Dragon energy, bringing great healing ability and unmatched Psychic protection. 

  • Full Power & Soul Retrieval - we will journey into the collective unconscious to retrieve any lost power and resonant soul pieces that are ready to return. 

Stages Of The Power Retrieval Program

The program includes a total of six sessions, each with a duration of 2-3 hours. Each session will include an individual healing, alongside a Shamanic initiation that will require daily practice to build and integrate.

Session 1 - Shadow Identification

  • Intention setting for the program

  • Shadow reading to identify the wounds that are going to be worked on

  • Illumination healing to remove the first imprint of trauma

  • Shamanic journey to take back your power

  • Bands of Power initiation - five luminous belts are woven into your energy field for protection

You will be required to repeat the power retrieval journey and meditate with the bands of power as integration.

Session 2 - Intrusive Energies

  • Share of experiences since the first session

  • About intrusive energies - How they latch onto us and the impact they have on our power

  • Extraction healing to remove all intrusive energies from your system

  • About Candali and the kundalini energy

  • First Candali initiation - The Baglamukhi Body Protector

You will be required to repeat the Candali meditation daily to strengthen the body protector

Session 3 - Regression

  • Share of experiences since the second session

  • The importance of feeling into the emotions of trauma in order to release them

  • Clearing of toxic emotions and stories through regression back to the point of the trauma

  • About Mahakali and her significance to finding your power

  • Second Candali initiation - The Mahakali shield

You will be required to repeat the Candali meditations daily to strengthen the body protector and the Kali Shield

Session 4 - Power Retrieval

  • Share of experiences since the third session

  • How our power becomes entangled in our stories

  • Full power retrieval journey to call back your power from your old stories

  • Third Candali initiation - full clearing of all chakras and nadirs

You will be required to repeat the Candali meditations daily, alongside the taking back power journey

Session 5 - Soul Retrieval

  • Share of experiences since the last session

  • Soul Loss - what it is and how it occurs

  • Full Soul Retrieval journey to break any toxic soul contracts and call back missing pieces of the soul

  • Integration of soul retrieval

  • Fourth Candali initiation - Vajra Master Level

You will be required to repeat the Candali meditations daily, alongside the taking back power journey

Session 6 - Integration

  • Share of experiences from the program session

  • Review of shadow reading from the beginning of the program

  • About the Dragon energy and how it can help

  • Makuto Nogososro Empowerment - The Crown Dragon Power

You will be required to repeat the Candali meditations daily, alongside the taking back power journey

Exchange: £1,000

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What are the main benefits?

  • Defend yourself from the most potent psychic attacks

  • Shifts your vibration, allowing you to repel lower vibrations

  • Creates a beautiful feeling of pure safety

  • Builds your metaphysical support network through connecting with high-level guardians and energies

  • Builds confidence, charisma and inner power

  • Allows you to fully shed the energies that do not belong to you

  • Sheds light on why certain events, ailments or energies are attracted to you

Who will benefit from The Course?

The course is available to anyone, no matter what their background is. All that is needed is an open mind and an open heart, alongside a desire to step into your power. Those who fall into the following find the course extremely helpful: 

  • If you are regularly feeling drained of energy

  • If you are experiencing entity attachment or black magic

  • If you feel like you are being attacked psychically

  • Those who wish to feel safer in themselves

  • Those who want to build their confidence and energetic resilience

  • Therapists, needing greater protection for their work with clients

What to expect from a course with Luke

  • Light-hearted but direct approach to healing.

  • A balance of lecture, experience and practice.

  • Ongoing support and integration.


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