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The Angel Magick course is a powerful, 121 exploration into the wisdom of the Angelic realms and Hierarchies. A series of initiations will be given to connect you to the Angelic resevoirs of energy, connect you to your patreon Angel, and to build a full team of Angelic entities to assist you with various endeavours. You will also learn how to easily summon Angelic entities for virtually any purpose, as well as how to invite them into your physical body to allow for greater downloads of knowedge and wisdom. 

Why approach angels in this way? 

Simply because it gets results. This approach to working with angels is incredibly unique and also extremely effective. The main reason for this is because it identifies and connects you to the specific spirits that are actually wanting to work with you, which is something that is missing from many different energy systems. We are all one but are unique expressions of source energy. Therefore, the characteristics of your allies are going to be highly unique and personal to you. So when you connect to the spirits that are fully in resonance with you, all of your metaphysical operations will be massively enhanced. 


Summary of what is received: 

  • In-depth learning on Angels
  • Multiple Orbs for banshing, protection, inner strength and psychic development
  • Initiation into the Angelic Reservoirs of energy
  • Initiation to connect you to your patron(ess) angel and your team of angelic magicians
  • How to summon Angels safely
  • Summoning multiple angels simultanously
  • How to carry out ritual possession (inviting angels into your body)
  • Offerings, sigils and enn chanting
  • Initiation to expand your channel
  • Angelic language, divination and channelling

The Initiations are split into four seperate sessions to allow time for integration. 

Session 1 - Angelic Empowerment:

  • The true role of the Angelic forces and their importance
  • Initiation to connect you to the Angelic resevoirs of energy
  • Angelic Protection activation (immunity to curses)
  • Angelic Inner Power activation


Session 2 - Your Patron(ess) Angel:

  • The 72 Angels of Shem Ha-Mephorash
  • The role of the Angelic Patron
  • Reading to identify your Patron angel and bonding activation to connect you to them
  • How to summon your patron angel
  • Offerings and approaching angelic entities
  • Sigils and chants to invoke entities


Session 3 - Your Angelic Team

  • The role of your angelic team
  • Reading to identify your Angelic team
  • Initiation to connect your team to you
  • Summoning each member of your team
  • Summoning multiple spirits at once
  • Directing energy for protection, manifestion and more


Session 4 - Channelling

  • Angelic Language (Enochian)
  • Initiation to expand your channel
  • Channelling of the angelic language
  • Divinitation
  • Integrating the energies


Take advantage of this powerful opportunity to connect to the realm of the Angels.



  • Enhancement of all metaphyscial practice
  • Impeccable protection from unwanted forces
  • Expansion of psychic abilities
  • Increased inner power and sense of safety

Advanced Angel Magick

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