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This package has been created for those who have completed Candali Levels 1 - 4 and Advanced Candali. The Package includes the expansion of the manifestation centre, alongside advanced Candali Activations. You will also gain access to 8 Vajra weapons that can be used to destroy all kinds of intrusive forces. 

Manifestation Centre Attunements:

  • God attunement - A sacred contactrual connection made to Source, that will make everything easier. There is nothing for you to do, it will always be there.
  • Supreme Unity - further builds your connection to Source, building upon the kundalini fire.
  • Heruka Chakra Dhyana - A very high level of Candali, that clears channels to your Higher Self, deepens awareness, and helps develop Siddhi’s. It will automatically be activated through your Candali meditation.
  • Unlimited Manifestation energy - Shamanic initiation from Java, that will be activated through your Candali practice.
  • Sabda Cipta Mulya - This fills your throat chakra with divine power, so that your affirmations have power to manifest, and your mantras and spells are empowered
  • Manifestation Centre Attunement - This is given at the end, to make sure your manifestation centre is perfectly formed.


Vajra Weapons: 

The following weapons are known as Astras, legendary missiles that appear in the Vedas. They are the ultimate weapons against dark and intrusive forces and can remove them almost instantly, however, they must be used with caution. You will receive the following: 

  • Asurasta - An astra that has a powerful but smooth impact. This etheric weapon has an extra-ordinary power that very effective to overcome, remove, and destroy demons, negative spirits, unwanted energies, djinn/genie, and any forms of dark-forces.
  • Agneyastra - originating from the fire goddess Agney, this is a more aggressive astra that will burn away any intrusive force very quickly without mercy. It can also be used on a plot of land or house. 
  • Suryastra - this is the most efficient astra for healing and cleansing. It can quickly dispel any type of intrusive force and also works to heal both the physcial and energetic bodies. 
  • Sudashana Chakra - this astra is the primary weapon of Lord Vishnu that is not only effective in the removal of any intrusive energy but also acts as an effective psychic shield when activated for this purpose. 
  • Virajayastra - the ultimate self-defence weapon. This should only be used in circumstances that warrant an act of psychic self-defence. It is made specifically to obliterate any energy or magician trying to take you down.
  • Brahmastra - another astra for self-defence. This one is particularly potent and can be used to take out an entire coven. Only to be used in the extreme circumstances! 
  • Khatvanga Vajra Weapon - this is the primary weapon of goddess Kali. It is installed into your dominant hand and enables you to summon the deadly power of Kali with a simple mudra and invocation. A great amplifier of any energy. 
  • Dorje Zhug - this is the most dynamic weapon out of all of these. It can be used for all of the above but is particularly useful for clearing ancestral trauma, karma from past lives and shattering illusions and belief systems that are blocking our full abundant potential. 


These are advanced energies that can only be given to those who have attained Candali Levels 1 - 4. 


*Contains digital manuals upon purchase, alongside the initiations which are sent in Orbs.

Candali Extension + Vajra Weapons

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