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My name is Luke N-Mason - an experienced Mentor with a range of experience in many different ancient Shamanic and occult traditions. It is my honour to offer you my healing and coaching services, fully tailored to your needs. 

The Foundation Course is a very full initiation process that is designed to kickstart an incredibly deep-rooted journey into Shamanism. This mentoring program is fully tailored to the needs of the student and is designed specifically to clear the pollutants from the energy system by addressing and clearing core wounds from the past, removing intrusive energies, retrieving your power and aligning you to your soul's journey. You will learn how to work within sacred space, how to work with perceptual states to commune with the spirit world, as well as developing daily practice for protecting your energy and maintaining health. You will also receive powerful rites of passage and teachings from various Shamanic traditions to accelerate your transformation process. By the end of the training, you will have developed strong and necessary foundations to expand your consciousness into the infinite world of Shamanism and you will have the option to move onto the advanced training to deepen your own healing and practice as a Shaman and healer.


The training consists of seven lessons that are half a day long and will introduce you to the energies of the medicine wheel - these are the archetypal energies of the universe that form the cycle of life and death. These archetypes create a profound energetic process of rebirth that once engaged with, allows one to step beyond the constraints that they have been programmed with and into infinity, allowing you to step fully into your true place in all of creation. Each archetype possesses profound wisdom and medicine that once integrated, will facilitate great transformation and change. The archetypes that form the medicine wheel are:

South - Serpent (Sachamama) - Serpent teaches you the art of non-attachment, non-judgement, non-suffering and how to walk with beauty on the Earth. She will teach you to fully shed your stories from the past like Serpent sheds her skin.

• West - Jaguar (Otorongo) - Jaguar medicine teaches us how to befriend our shadow and to see beyond the literal level and into the invisible world of energy. She will show you how to see beyond the illusions that you have been programmed with and how to step into your power.

• North - Hummingbird (Picaflorcito) - Hummingbird medicine will teach you how to find magic and joy within all aspects of your being as well as how to truly make the impossible possible. Hummingbird energy will teach you how to truly step into mastery and embrace what you do not know in order to find a true sense of peace in the midst of chaos.

East - Eagle (Apu Chin) - Eagle medicine is all about learning the way of the visionary. The great eagle will teach you the art of transcending the literal level and quantum-leaping into your destiny, wing to wing with great spirit.

This journey includes many advanced initiations to build your foundational practice of shamanism. Upon completion, you will have the option to continue your training onto full initiation and train as a Shamanic Practitioner. 

Foundation Course Into Shamanism

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