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An incredibly powerful Khodamic initiation, created by master initiator Hari Andri Winarso. Ilmu Khodam Pasuken Malaikat connects a legion of angelic forces to your energy field, creating a shield that no Psychic attack can penetrate. Pasuken Malaikat is roughly translated to "Angelic Forces or Angelic Troopers". This breed of Khodam are the most effective for self-defence and keeping one safe in times of danger, be that physcial or metaphyscial. Their power is activated with a short prayer chant that only needs to be recited once to conjure the entire legion for intervention. They can also be conjured to protect those who are close to you, as well as a house or piece of land. 

These Angelic forces also have the tendancy to offer subtle guidance and enhance one's healing path. They are known to communicate through ringing, buzzing or fluttering in the ears, as well as often manifesting in the dream state or as an inner voice. 


When combined with other Khodamic initiations, the power is greatly enhanced. 


*Contains a digital manual upon purchase, alongside the initiation which is sent distantly at an agreed time.*

Ilmu Khodam Pasuken Malaikat

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