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My name is Luke N-Mason - an experienced Shamanic Practitioner with a range of experience in many different ancient Shamanic and occult traditions. It is my honour to offer you my healing and coaching services, fully tailored to your needs. 

The Inner Child Healing Programme is conducted 1-2-1 and via Zoom. This process is designed to hold you in a sacred and protected space that will allow you to delve deep into the different stages of your Inner Child’s development, in order to shed light on certain events from your past that are responsible for the way that you are wired to think as an adult. It utilises Shamanic Journeying, Consultation, Timeline Work, Soul Retrieval and many other potent tools to release the shame that has stagnated our development and in doing so, clearing space to reconnect with the core soul pieces (authenticity) that has been lost.


Using advanced Shamanic Journeying techniques, we have the ability to journey back to meet our Inner Child at various stages of their development, in order to form a relationship with them. Once this connection has been established, we can begin to re-inform, and re-programme our destructive patterns by altering our responses to certain events from our past. In other words, we begin to provide the younger form of ourselves with information, reassurance and love that we may not have received at the time. This process alters our timeline through changing the information we receive as children and in doing so, changing the formation of our shadows into tools for power and growth. 


The program has the following structure:




  • After Birth  - Initial consultation to address certain challenges within yourself, which have led you to the program. We will then begin the process by journeying to your Inner Child as a baby who has just been born in order to establish the initial self-support network within your timeline. Integration work will be set to continue connecting with your Inner Child as a baby and maintaining that support.

  • The Toddler - Consultation to match up the patterns in your life with what you may have witnessed as a toddler. The Shamanic journey will take you back to meet your inner child as a toddler so that we can begin the re-parenting process and provide this particular part of you with reassurance and information from your future self. You will then be required to integrate this session by continuing to connect and reassure the toddler. 

  • The Forming Of The Conscious Mind - Around the age of 3/4, we start to become fully conscious and aware of our experiences. The consultation will address the events that you were exposed to when you were around the age of 3/4 and how this correlates to the patterns that you are currently experiencing and feeling in your adult life. The journey will involve meeting yourself as a 3/4 year old and re-informing him/her on certain challenges that were experienced. The goal of this session is to begin to alter your reactions to certain triggers and therefore, begin to rewrite our programming. This may require exposing your inner child to a separate timeline that shows the outcome of changing a specific reaction. You will be required to continue connecting with this aspect of your inner child and continuing to reassure and re-inform. 

  • Starting School - this stage is where many of our wounds start to become backed up and empowered by our own experiences. The consultation will be focussed around the dynamics that formed for you in school as well as identifying how this mirrors what you experience in your early years. The journey will bring forward the learnings from the previous stages to alter the development of your patterns and behaviours. We will then replace the damaged aspect of the inner child with love and compassion from your future self. Integration work will be set to continue the process according to any triggers that occur throughout the process.

  • Adolescence - this stage acts as the confirmation for the state of the inner child. What occurred in the past, starts to become hard-coded into our DNA as we enter adolescence whilst also starting to attract people and events into our lives which are a mirror of these wounds. The consultation will address the friendships, romantic relationships and specific events that manifested as you entered adolescence in order to identify the resonance with what occurred at the previous stages. The journey will involve meeting yourself as you enter adolescence as well as addressing the triggers that occurred at that age. This journey involves us using the learnings from the previous stages to re-inform yourself in adolescence in order to set them up for entering adulthood. Integration work will be set to address anything more that needs to be addressed with your adolescent self. 

  • Embodying The Magical Child - as children, we are unconditionally integrated with the mythic and we are a clearer embodiment of our higher-selves which means we are integrated with our ability to shape our reality through the beliefs and energy that we project. This state of being is what we call the magical child and is a symbol for the child-hood magic that we have all conjured. However, our sense of magic is gradually filtered out as we developed behaviours and patterns to create order from the chaos that we experience and in doing so, detaching from our true role as creator. This stage of the process involves a reading to identify your personal expressions of this creator energy, followed by a journey to reconnect you to these core parts of yourself. 

  • Full Integration & Soul Retrieval - This final stage is made to fill in any gaps throughout the stages that we addressed. By this point, we will have addressed and reconnected with the key stages of our inner child and in doing so, addressed the wounds that were responsible for our programming. We will do a final journey to address the specific events that occurred for you at each stage, in order to retrieve the lost soul pieces that are ready to be integrated back into your energy field. Aftercare work will be assigned to connect with the inner child for a certain amount of time after, in order to fully integrate your retrieved soul parts and the illuminated aspects of your past. 


For optimal results, I recommend approaching this program with a firm idea of what it is that you want to release from your life, alongside what you are ready to bring in. 



Please Note - This healing process is extensive and will trigger significant shifts in your energy. On occasion, this can induce a cleansing process, whereby your system starts to release toxins that it no longer needs. This is completely normal and should be welcomed. This program is intended for those who are serious about their healing path. 

PLEASE NOTE: These healings are here to support your healing path but are NOT replacements for Psychiatry and does not claim to be a primary treatment for any existing health condition. If you have a diagnosed dissociative mental health condition (such as schizophrenia) do NOT purchase this program. 

Inner Child Shamanic Healing Program

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