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This program contains some of the most powerful tools and rites of passage from Javanese Magick and Shamanic tradition given at a very generous price. The whole package contains 30+ initiations to take you up to a very high level. These tools will enhance all aspects of your metaphysical work from the perspective of manifestation, self-defence, protection, healing and much more. You will learn to work with a wide variety of spirits such as Angelic Khodams, Djinn, White Tiger spirit, Fire spirits and Dragons, alongside detailed instructions on how to safely work with them. These initiations are for those who are serious about their spiritual development and for those who are prepared to commit to the spirits, learning the prayer chants and to their evolution.

What Is Included:

Asmak Khodam Level 1 - the invocation of a guardian angel, giving effective psychic protection and healing ability.

Tenaga Inti Khodam Malaikat - connects you to a legion of thousands of angelic khodams, giving you the ability to call them for any purpose.

Ilmu Khodam Pasuken Malaikat - gives you the power to call a whole legion of angelic troopers to protect yourself and others.

Tenaga Dalam - you will receive many different types of Tenaga Dalam (Inner Power). These are: Tenaga Dalam Singa Putih (White Lion Inner Power) and Tenaga Dalam Sinar Putih (White Light Inner Power). You will also receive the Dragon versions: Tenaga Dalam Nagapasa (The Legion of Dragons), Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga (The Dragon's Inner Power), Tenaga Dalam Upas Naga Geni (Poison Fire Dragon), Tenaga Dalam Segara Naga (Sea of Dragon Inner power), Tenaga Dalam Naga Langit (Dragon of Sky Inner Power). These will give you protection on all levels of your being, whilst giving you invulnerability to sharp weapons.

Makuto Nogososro (The Crown Dragon) - an incredibly powerful initiation that connects the crown dragon to your energy field, unlocking amazing healing abilities and protection.

Mahkota Naga - attunement to a Dragon King, giving access to greater powers.

Ilmu Khodam Naga Pamungkas - attunement to four dragon kings that have domonion over entire legions of dragons. This will grant you the power to summon them for any purpose.


Daya Naga Pamungkas (Ultimate Power of Dragon) which increases power to the maximum.

Daya Naga Pandito, which increases protection and charisma.


Dragon heart Flame - Upgrades the heart chakra for more power and life force.

Mahkota Cakra Naga, increases intuition and psychic abilities.


​​​​​​​• Mustika Mata Naga, further increases psychic ability and connection to Higher Self.


​​​​​​​• Pusaka Naga Bumi, Earth Dragon, for protection and Wealth.


​​​​​​​• Pusaka Naga Geni, Fire Dragon, for purification and destroying black magick.


• Raga Naga (body of Dragon) for protection and invulnerability.


​​​​​​​• Trishula Naga (Dragon trident) a powerful etheric weapon.

Jagad Lelembut - this will give you the ability to summon Djinn spirits for any purpose using nothing but a simple mantra.

Ethereal Enchantment of The Djinn - an attunement to several legions of djinn that you can call on for various purposes.

Djinn Magick Mastery - a final activation to give you further access to the vast reservoirs of energy within the Djinn realm.

Macan Putih (White Tiger) Magick - a very powerful attunement to bring you the service of the pure spirit of the white tiger. This spirit will become your khodam (guardian) and will enable you to easily invoke it's power using just a simple prayer.

Bala Geni (Fire) Magick - this activation will give you the ability to channel the fire spirits to utilise them for all kinds of purposes such as healing, purification, protection and many more.


Tapak Khodam Guru Sejati - drastically refines the connection to your higher self and draws the power of ascended masters and angelic beings for impeccable psychic protection.


Al-Hikmah Exorcism - a powerful initiation to connect you to the ultimate exorcism used in islamic magick. This can remove the most dense curses and entities. 


Rajah Kala Cakra - the ultimate protection. This inscibes the ancient names of vishnu onto your heart space. This will create a radiant orb around your heart that no psychic attack will be able to penetrate. 


It is advised to have taken Candali Levels 1 - 4 before undertaking these initiations. 


*Contains digital manuals upon purchase, alongside the initiations which are sent to you in orbs, allowing you to receive them at your own schedule.*

Javenese Shamanic Initiation

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