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I have created the Serpent Rebirth System through the guidance of various upper and underworld spirits to facilitate the student's journey back into Serpent-born consciousness. "Serpent-born" refers to the original child of Lilith, before humanity was cast out of the garden of eden and separated from source. The Serpent-borns were naturally adept psychics and magicians, unconditionally integrated with source energy. This orignal state of consciousness is the symbol of the fully-risen kundalini and oneness with all of the cosmos.


This process is incredibly unique and effective as it guides you through the process of raising and directing the Serpentine kundalini energy in a very safe and staggered way by taking you through the entire system of Candali (Levels 1 - 9 + Extensions), whilst initiating you as a child of Lilith, mother of the divine intelligences and guiding you through the depths of the underworld to shed all illusions and programming that are blocking your ability to create your reality.  This process has been designed for those who are serious about their spiritual evolution and who are ready to go on a deep inner-process of unlocking the full potential of creation and destruction in their lives - not intended for the dabbler. 


Understanding The Kundalini Energy


The kundalini takes on a symbolic form of a coiled serpent that sits at the base of the spine. This serpent archetype has been interpreted in many different ways throughout history, with it's most well-known aspect being a symbol for the primal force that persuaded humanity to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge (if referring to christian mythology). Other interpretations show the serpent as a symbol of shedding what has been outgrown, non-attachment and fertility. In essence, both of these interpetations are correct. The kundalini can be seen as our personal gateway to the tree of knowledge that exists within the self and acts as the symbolic force of all spiritual attainment. The serpent appears coiled because it is reflecting the coiled sexual energy within society as we know it. The sexual energy is the gateway back to our authenticity as it is the energy of creation and self-expression. One's relationship with their sexual energy has direct impact on their ability to create and shape their reality from the perspective of creation and destruction. Dragons are also symbols of the Kundalini energy as they are the primeval forces of creation and destruction in the universe. 


Because kundalini is driven by sexual energy, our ability to allow it to freely flow into co-creative self-expression is directly tied to our traumas. In our early years, we have no separation due to the ego not being fully developed yet, therefore everything that we experience in our early years is absorbed on the cellular level because we can’t separate ourselves from it (which is the role of the ego). So when we experience trauma, we are naturally going to conclude that it is our own fault. For this reason, anything intangible that affects the child’s self-esteem and expression, is going to have an impact on the flow of the sexual energy and depending on the level of trauma that is received, will affect how much of that energy we allow to flow into authentic self-expression (relationships, abundance, creative flow etc). 


Taking all of this into consideration, when we learn to actively raise and channel the force of the kundalini effectively, we step further towards our authentic self-expression and this fuels and accelerates the natural process of destroying what has been outgrown and creating the new in accordance with our truth. Therefore, working with kundalini on this level will cause things to rapidly fall away from your life if they no longer serve your authentic self-expression. The rate in which you process trauma will also drastically accelerate. One has to be ready to embark on this journey and when they are not or they resist the process by holding onto their older personas, this is when the adverse effects of kundalini awakening can be experienced. 


What does the process involve?

The program has a rough duration of 3-months and is conducted as 1-2-1 training. The initiations are as follows:


  • Candali Levels 1 - 9 - This will raise the template of the kundalini energy, causing it's fire to radiate throughout this body. Daily mantras and practice come with this and will ensure that your system will be able to effectively process the expansion of energy. 

  • Lilith - you will be initiated back into Serpent-born consciousness, making you a child of Lilith, granting you access to her power and wisdom.

  • Daemons - you will receive an ancient initiation to connect you to the gatekeepers of the underworld (these are primordial expressions of raw power that guard the gates of the collective unconscious, a place of great transformation).

  • The Black Flame - your energy field will be imprinted with Black Flame which will strengthen your connection to dark matter energy, allowing for smoothing alchemy.

  • God attunement - A sacred contactrual connection made to Source, that will make everything easier. There is nothing for you to do, it will always be there.

  • Supreme Unity - further builds your connection to Source, building upon the kundalini fire.

  • Heruka Chakra Dhyana - A very high level of Candali, that clears channels to your Higher Self, deepens awareness, and helps develop Siddhi’s. It will automatically be activated through your Candali meditation.

  • Unlimited Manifestation energy - Shamanic initiation from Java, that will be activated through your Candali practice.

  • Sabda Cipta Mulya - This fills your throat chakra with divine power, so that your affirmations have power to manifest, and your mantras and spells are empowered.

  • Tapak Khodam Guru Sejati - Establishes a potent connection to your Higher Self, which will give you impeccable protection, and greatly empower all your spiritual and magickal work.

  • Manifestation Centre Attunement - This is given at the end, to make sure your manifestation centre is perfectly formed.

  • Advanced Invocation - You will be given an ancient javanese prayer that will unleash the most potent primoridal Dragon energies into your field, bringing about total rebirth on all levels of your being. 


This program will set you up for continuous healing and expansion using the forces of the Dragon (Kundalini).

*Requirements - prior experience with Shamanism, the occult and shadow work is highly advised in order to be able to process the initiations provided in this system.*

Serpent Rebirth System

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