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The Orb Empowerment package has been requested by many who have experienced the healing power of Orbs and who want learn how to create their own, as well as receive attunement to many of my pre-programmed orbs. 

What Are Orbs?


Orbs (referred to as Tulpas in Javanese tradition) are conscious energy containers that are used in many occult practices across the world. These Orbs repeat and multiply the energies that are put into them and are able to store themselves between time and space, meaning there will always be another to replace it. They are incredibly intelligent servitors that maximise the potency of any energy that is placed inside of them. Orbs can be used to contain on-demand healing sessions, mantra repititions, rituals and many other things. 

You will also receive attunements to 11 potent healing orbs, each of which are normally sold for £100 each. You will receive the following orbs:


  • Orb of Life - Allowing you to create your own orbs for any purpose

  • Healing Orb - Spends one hour regenerating the energy field

  • Heart Healing Orb - Spends 1-hour healing and regenerating the heart space

  • Meridian Orb - Spends 1-Hour balancing the meridians

  • 3-Hour and 1-Hour Mahamrityunjaya Orb - Two orbs containing continuous mantra repetitions of Mahamrityunjaya, ideal for vitality and cord cutting

  • 8-Hour Chinnamasta Orb - contains 8 hours of constant mantra repetition for the Chinnamasta mantra, ideal for clearing shame and removing cords

  • Transmutation Crystal Orb - contains many rituals that has enough power to clear an entire plot of land

  • Titanium Flame Orb - burns away all titanium implants

  • Quantum Entanglement Removal Orb - detangles external influence and chaos from your energy field

  • Ultimate Exorcism Orb - contains 1-hour of potent exorcism invocations to remove all entities, curses and thought forms

  • Vajrayogini Dragon Fire Orb - completely purifies your energy system with the vibration of kundalini and dragon fire

  • Karma Purification Orb - spends one hour purifying toxic karma from past lives

  • Forgiveness Orb - removes the very roots of guilt and shame


Take advantage of this rare opportunity and receive one of the most dynamic metaphyscial tools! Ideal for healers, shamans, magicians and anyone who wants to greatly amplify and simplify their practice! 

Orb Empowerment Package

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