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This powerful approach to distant healing combines all of the Shamanic healing tools that I have gathered throughout my practice of Shamanism. The healing is designed to address all layers of a particular wound such as: clearing all of the chakras and meridians, regenerating the energy field, extracting all intrusive energies, retrieving lost soul parts and segments of power, releasing shame, reconnecting to the earth as well as scanning your timelines and past lives to remove toxicity.


During the healing, I will utilise the powers of many spirits and energies, as well as some of the most powerful healing and curse-breaking rituals to tune into your energy and carry out the healing in accordance to your needs. Shamanic powers such as this, operate beyond time and space - for this reason, healings are just as effective when done distantly as they are in person. All you need to do during the session is lie down and relax in a place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session (1-Hour) whilst I carry out the healing at our agreed time - I will be in touch within 24 hours of your online purchase to arrange your session and ask you for any intentions for the healing process. It is also advised to have some time after the healing to relax and calibrate as your energy field will be undergoing a deep healing process. 

Remote Shamanic Healing

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