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This is an advanced initiation from Javanese Shamanic tradition. It is used to fully tap into the powers of your higher-self, alongside the activation of various other subtle bodies to refine inner strength, intuition, impeccable protection and healing ability. The initiation connects you to your Sadulur Papat (spirit brothers) and invokes continuous guidance and metaphyscial support from Angels and Ascended Masters. 



  • Angelic entities work to solve problems automatically
  • All magickal power expands naturally
  • Your words possess greater manifestation power
  • Feelings, instincts and intuition will drastically refine
  • Saints and masters metaphyscially guide you automatically
  • Healing powers unfold
  • Any projected energy: psychic attacks, curses, projections will be automatically deflected
  • Your energy field will have a stronger radiance


Note: This power comes with Javanese prayers that need to be recited a certain number of times to complete the initiation, alongside requiring daily prayer to build and maintain the powers. 

Tapak Khodam Guru Sejati

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