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The Underworld initiation offers a unique exploration into the alchemy of dark matter energy and the shadow self. These initiations and techniques are designed to take you through a deep process of learning to harness the powers of the dark elemental energies and gatekeepers of the underworld to help you to shed all illusions and thought forms that are blocking your full power and potential. 


The process involves a vast combination of Shamanic tools and techniques such as ritual, journeying, channelling and shadow divination to befriend dark matter energy and break through your most stubborn blocks to success. 


The truth about the underworld


The term "underworld" triggers so much fear amongst the new age due to misinformation on the concept of duality. The underworld is referred to as "Hell" in christian mythology and is seen as a place of evil, however this is extremely inaccurate. The term "Hell" actually comes from the Norse word "Hel", which means place of sanctuary, and refers to the underworld, the place of the unconscious and mystery. To put it into context, the underworld journeying commonly practiced by Shamans was called Helfaring in Norse Shamanism.


Creation goes through three stages to manifest on Earth. The causal plane, in the upperworld, contains all possibilities. Some of these possibilities descend to the underworld or formative plane, where they become probabilities. If these probabilities receive enough energy, through our thoughts and emotions, they descend to the physical plane, becoming actualities.


The underworld is the unconscious. The possibilities entering here from the causal plane form thoughts, that develop into beliefs, habits, etc that determine our life on Earth. Having control of the underworld, or Hel, means we choose which thoughts will develop and manifest. Guarding the gates of Hel means we don’t even have to let unwanted possibilities enter the unconscious to start forming the beliefs, habits and behaviour patterns that will later become problems in our lives. In other words, we take control from a deeper level, before any problem can begin to form.


What does the process involve?

The program has a rough duration of 3-months and is conducted as 1-2-1 training. The initiations are as follows:


  • About Dark Matter Energy

  • Breaking Dark Laws - we will go on many journeys to break down dark laws, which are the old contracts formed by the ego to maintain a sense of order, but hold us in disempowerment. 

  • Connecting With Dark Elementals - the beings that dwell within the Akasha.

  • Voiding Dark Laws - through the help of the dark elemental beings, we will break down thought forms and old patterns, voiding them from the psyche.

  • Lilith - you will be initiated back into Serpent-born consciousness, making you a child of Lilith, granting you access to her power and wisdom.

  • Daemons - you will receive an ancient initiation to connect you to the gatekeepers of the underworld (these are primordial expressions of raw power that guard the gates of the collective unconscious, a place of great transformation).

  • Pact Making - you will learn to form pacts with various spirits to assist with your spiritual evolution on all levels. And no, pact making does not involve selling your soul to the devil! It is in fact a very powerful and safe practice of co-creating with the spirit world. 

  • The Black Flame - your energy field will be imprinted with Black Flame which will strengthen your connection to dark matter energy, allowing for smoothing alchemy.

  • Initiation into Sumerian Lineage - you will be initiated into a sacred lineage that honours Lilith. 

  • Alchemising dark matter energy - you will learn to utilise the collective unconscious to alchemise your energy body.

  • Ancestral Healing - you will learn how to unleash the raw power of your ancestors, whilst learning how to remove unwanted ancestors.


This program is for those who want to face their shadow and unleash their full creative potential! 

Underworld Initiation

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