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This package contains the most effective and practical inner power tools that I have come across. These practices come from Hindu and Javanese traditions


Initiations Included:
  • Candali Levels 1 - 4 - Raises the kundalini energy safely whilst connecting you to Mahakali and Baglamukhi. Comes with protection to the physcial body alongside the psychic shield of kali. 
  • Tenaga Dalam Sinar Putih (Levels 1 - 6) - The white light inner power from javanese tradition that gives immunity from all Psychic Attack.
  • Asmak Khodam Level 1 - The invocation of a personal angelic guardian spirit.
  • Rajah Kala Cakra - easily the most powerful form of protection that I have come across, this includes five initiations that inscribe the names of vishnu into your heart space. It acts as a natural repellent for all forms of intrusive energies. 
  • Tapak Khodam Guru Sejati - anchors the energies of angelic beings, ascended masters and your higher self to build impeccable amounts of inner power. 
  • Ilmu Hakikat Zat Tubuh - a very high defensive power or magical protection, that is taken after Tenaga Dalam, Candali and Rajah Kala Cakra. It is based on the idea of metaphysical Iron. When this is raised, it makes the body invulnerable to external iron, and thus to sharp weapons. Once raised, it is with you forever, and cannot be removed. This power raises your metaphysical potential to the maximum.


These initiations are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners who want to increase their inner power and psychic protection. 


*Contains digital manuals upon purchase, alongside the initiations which are sent to you in orbs, allowing you to receive them at your own schedule.*

Upgraded Inner Power Package

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