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Psychic Protection Course

The Psychic Protection course is a culmination of various Shamanic practices, techniques and initiations from the Andes, the Amazon, Egypt and Indonesia that are designed to build one's energetic self-sufficiency, by defending them from the most potent psychic attacks and black magic known to man. I have put these techniques together into a 2-day intensive that will provide you with the necessary tools to maintain energetic protection and step into your full power.


Why is Psychic Protection So Important?

Throughout our journeys, we often encounter energies that are intrusive and heavy. Most of the time, these energies do not belong to us, but have been projected from a resonant external force. Whether it is resentment that is directed towards you from another person (psychic attack), entities or planted black magic, these forces can pierce the subtle body and drain your energy, resulting in fatigue, illness and stagnation. These energies can be picked up from a variety of places such as from family members, relationships, workplaces and therapy work, and can be challenging to identify. Through developing a solid practice for psychic protection, we can learn to recognise certain energies, find out the source and then work to deflect or remove them from the system. Within this place of safety, we can step into our true power.

What Is Included In The Course

The class will be a mix of lecture, practice and experience. You will receive many energetic transmissions to feed your energy body, alongside powerful techniques and daily practice to build your resistance to heavy energies. Below are the core techniques and initiations that you will receive:

  • Sacred Space - how to open and close sacred space

  • Cleansing Rituals - how to cleanse and bless a space

  • The Bands of Power initiation - five luminous belts are woven into your field to transmute heavy energies

  • Acquiring Luminous Armour - powerful Shamanic protection

  • The Ayni Karpay - 7 allies will be placed into your energy field for insight and guidance

  • The Kawak Initiation - to awaken your ability to see into the invisible world

  • The Eye Of Horus Initiation - to enable you to easily identify heavy energies

  • The Luminous Mirror - powerful technique for identifying and tending to intrusive energies and the affinities that attracted them to you in the first place

  • Dragon Energy - Connecting with the highest guardian spirit

  • The Luminous Orb - a sacred bubble of light to replenish energies

  • Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga (Levels 1 - 3) - The Dragon's Inner Power

  • Asmak Khodam - High-level Angelic guardian

  • Antardhana Astra - A powerful etheric weapon to demanifest unwanted realities

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Schedule For The Psychic Protection Course

The workshop runs for 2-days over a weekend. Below is the training schedule:

Day 1: 

Welcome & Introductions

Intention Setting

How to open and close sacred space

Space clearing ritual

The keys to optimal psychic protection

Power animal retrieval

Building greater resistance to lower energies

Journey to the seven great archetypes

The Bands Of Power Initiation

Lunch (1-Hour) 

Working With Egyptian Deites

Attunements to Sekhmet, Ra, Isis and Hathor

Charging a Sekhmet talisman for continued protection

The protective power of Dragons

Makuto Nogososro Initiation - High-Level Dragon Guardian

The Dragon's Heart Flame initiation + practice

About Tenaga Dalam - Indonesian Safety Science

Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga Level 1 Initiation

The Luminous Orb Initiation (Restoring the energy field)

Closing sacred space

Day 2: 

Welcome & Sharing

Opening sacred space

Level 2 Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga initiation

Journey to attain your luminous armour (High-Level Shamanic Protection)

Types of intrusive energies

Eye of Horus Initiation (Divine Sight)

Luminous Mirror Technique (Identifying and clearing intrusive energies)

Lunch (1-Hour) 

Level 3 Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga initiation

About Khodams (high-level angelic guardians)

Asmak Khodam Initiation & Mantras

Antadhana Astra and the art of discreation

Finishing Luminous Mirror Meditation


Closing sacred space

Course Fee: £350

What are the main benefits?

  • Defend yourself from the most potent psychic attacks

  • Shifts your vibration, allowing you to repel lower vibrations

  • Creates a beautiful feeling of pure safety

  • Builds your metaphysical support network through connecting with high-level guardians and energies

  • Builds confidence, charisma and inner power

  • Allows you to fully shed the energies that do not belong to you

  • Sheds light on why certain events, ailments or energies are attracted to you

Who will benefit from The Course?

The course is available to anyone, no matter what their background is. All that is needed is an open mind and an open heart, alongside a desire to step into your power. Those who fall into the following find the course extremely helpful: 

  • If you are regularly feeling drained of energy

  • If you are experiencing entity attachment or black magic

  • If you feel like you are being attacked psychically

  • Those who wish to feel safer in themselves

  • Those who want to build their confidence and energetic resilience

  • Therapists, needing greater protection for their work with clients

What to expect from a course with Luke

  • Light-hearted but direct approach to healing.

  • A balance of lecture, experience and practice.

  • Ongoing support and integration.



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"I experienced a shamanic healing with Luke quite recently after years of trying other therapies. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door and the healing he performed was incredibly profound. I feel that just after one session, I reached a break-though beyond anything I have ever experienced before." - Ashley

"Luke held a truly beautiful healing session for me. I was quite nervous but Luke made me feel very calm and relaxed from the moment I walked in." - Russell

"Luke held a great healing session for me and also helped me to identify a range of things within myself I wasn't aware of. I came away from the session feeling very calm, relaxed and at peace." - Jon

"Luke is a highly skilled shaman who is gentle yet firm in what he does. I came to him with an open mind and received so much clarity as he removed any intrusive energy from me." - Shona

"The session I had with Luke was quite intense but incredibly powerful. He guides you through it very well and provides very useful insight into how to integrate these teachings into your daily life." - Jen

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