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Psychic Self-Defence Program

The Psychic Self-Defence program is an incredibly powerful 3-month process that is designed to build one's energetic self-sufficiency by teaching them to remain protected from the most potent psychic attacks and black magic known to man. This program includes powerful techniques and initiations from many different corners of Shamanic Practice such as the Andes, the Amazon, Indonesia and Egypt and will provide you with the necessary tools to build and maintain solid energetic protection and self-healing.


The Importance Of Protecting Your Energy In Today's World

In Shamanism, we do not see energy as good nor evil, but rather light and heavy. All of us are exposed to a wide range of heavy energies that can take on the form of resentment being projected onto us (psychic attack), entities and in some cases, planted black magic. These energies are all around us and can be picked up from workplaces, relationships, family members, therapy work and many other examples. Most of the time, these energies do not belong to us but are intrusive, meaning they are attracted to us from external forces because of a resonance they have with a wound that we are holding onto. This program is built to help you identify these intrusive energies, clear them and work to heal what attracted them to you in the first place.

Healing Your Resonance With Heavy Energies

It is important to remember that like attracts like. Nothing can enter your life if it does not match your energy. For this reason, the heavy energies that we are holding onto are always going to be a mirror of a wound within us. The unhealed parts of ourselves act as the hooks for resonant external energies. In Shamanic practice we often find that intrusive energies can be easily removed but if the wound that attracted the energies are not dealt with, they will quickly return. An example of this is if somebody is continuously attracting the same romantic partners or if someone is experiencing recurring illness - you can get rid of the partner or remove the cancer on the physical level but if the hook still remains in the energy body, nothing is stopping them from returning in a different physical form. For this reason, this program teaches you how to identify and work with the affinities that attracted these energies to you in the first place which is the key to optimal psychic protection - the healing always has to come from within. 

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What's Included In the Program?

You will receive many initiations that will feed your energy body, alongside powerful techniques and daily practice to build your resistance to intrusive energies. Below are the core techniques and initiations that you will receive:

  • Sacred Space - how to open and close sacred space

  • Cleansing Rituals - how to cleanse and bless a space

  • The Bands of Power initiation - five luminous belts are woven into your field to transmute heavy energies

  • Acquiring Luminous Armour - powerful Shamanic protection

  • The Ayni Karpay - 7 allies will be placed into your energy field for insight and guidance

  • The Kawak Initiation - to awaken your ability to see into the invisible world

  • The Eye Of Horus Initiation - the divine sight.

  • Egyptian Deities - protective energies and talismans

  • The Luminous Mirror - powerful technique for identifying and tending to intrusive energies and the affinities that attracted them to you in the first place

  • Dragon Energy - Connecting with the highest guardian spirits

  • The Luminous Orb - a sacred bubble of light to replenish energies

  • Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga (Levels 1 - 3) - The Dragon's Inner Power

  • Asmak Khodam - High-level Angelic guardian

  • Antardhana Astra - A powerful etheric weapon to demanifest unwanted realities

Stages Of The Psychic Self-Defence Program

The program includes a total of six sessions, each with a duration of about 3 hours. Each session will include healings to remove intrusive energies and affinities, whilst providing powerful techniques and activations to build your resistance to intrusive energies. 

2-Hour Distant Preparation Empowerment - Pranic Energy Activation: You will be provided with a charmed recording to activate the pranic tube within your energy field. This provides a greater flow of life force, creating greater resistance to intrusive energies and illness.

Session 1 - Sacred Space: 

  • How to open and close sacred space

  • Space clearing ritual

  • Assessment of current challenges

  • Illumination Healing to remove the affinities

  • The seven great archetypes of Q'eros

  • Journey to the great archetypes

  • Bands Of Power Initiation

You will be required to continue connecting with the archetypes and the bands of power to strengthen them. 

Session 2 - Luminous Armour: ​​

  • Types Of Heavy Energies

  • Extraction Healing to remove intrusive energies from your system

  • Acquiring your luminous armour

  • The Hampe Blessing (The Healer's Rite)

  • Acquiring your power animal (Guardian)

  • Journey to befriend your shadow

You will be required to continue connecting with your power animal and to befriend your shadow. 

Session 3 - Egyptian Deities: ​​

  • About Egyptian Deities and their powers

  • Activations to anchor the energies of the pyramids and temples of Egypt

  • Activations to connect to certain deities such as Sekhmet, Horus and Isis

  • Protective rituals & invocations

  • Charging a protective talisman

You will be required to practice the protective rituals and tuning into the deities to build their power.

Session 4 - Dragon Energy: 

  • The Power of Dragons

  • Makuto Nogososro Initiation - The Crown Dragon Power

  • Protective Dragon rituals

  • The Dragon's Heart Flame - sacred flame to burn heavy energies

  • Level 1 Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga Initiation - The Dragon's Inner Power

You will be required to repeat simple mantras to maintain and strengthen your connection to the crown dragon and the Tenaga Dalam, alongside regular uses of the Dragon's Heart Flame.

Session 5 - Seeing in the invisible world: 

  • The Kawak Initiation (Seers Rite)

  • Detecting solid energies and fluid energies

  • The Luminous Mirror Technique (Sensing and removing heavy energies from your system)

  • The art of shapeshifting

  • Level 2 Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga

  • Luminous Orb Activation

You will be required to continue connecting with the rites you have been given to strengthen them, alongside daily practice of the reflection room journey. 

Session 6 - High-Level Indonesian Safety Science: 

  • Level 3 Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga

  • Tenaga Dalam Nagapasa Initiation - Ultimate Dragon Protection

  • About your personal angelic khodam (High-Level Angelic Guardian)

  • Asmak Khodam Initiation

  • Antardhana Activation & Discreation

You will be required to repeat basic mantras to bond your khodam and Tenaga Dalam with your energy field for one week.

After the program, you will have some of the most powerful, protective Shamanic techniques, alongside a whole host of powerful spirit allies to aid your psychic self-defence. Simple daily practice will be required to maintain and build the power you gain throughout the process. These techniques create a powerful sense of safety within you, allowing you to step into your full power.  

Exchange: £850

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What are the main benefits?

  • Defend yourself from the most potent psychic attacks

  • Shifts your vibration, allowing you to repel lower vibrations

  • Creates a beautiful feeling of pure safety

  • Builds your metaphysical support network through connecting with high-level guardians and energies

  • Builds confidence, charisma and inner power

  • Allows you to fully shed the energies that do not belong to you

  • Sheds light on why certain events, ailments or energies are attracted to you

Who will benefit from The Course?

The course is available to anyone, no matter what their background is. All that is needed is an open mind and an open heart, alongside a desire to step into your power. Those who fall into the following find the course extremely helpful: 

  • If you are regularly feeling drained of energy

  • If you are experiencing entity attachment or black magic

  • If you feel like you are being attacked psychically

  • Those who wish to feel safer in themselves

  • Those who want to build their confidence and energetic resilience

  • Therapists, needing greater protection for their work with clients

What to expect from a course with Luke

  • Light-hearted but direct approach to healing.

  • A balance of lecture, experience and practice.

  • Ongoing support and integration.


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Pay £300 per month - £900 in total


Up front payment of £800 (£100 discount)

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