Reiki Healings In Brighton

“Each and every being has the innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods”

Mikao Usui - Founder of Reiki

I am an experienced Reiki Master who works directly with many different styles of Reiki. I hold space for these high-vibration energies to flow freely to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. The styles of Reiki that I use all carry a very different vibration and are used to work with different issues.


What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a divine healing energy that was channelled by Mikao Usui in Japan, during the 1920s. "Reiki" is a Japanese word that translates to "universal life force energy". A healing involves channelling this loving energy to bring balance and healing to the mind and body. Reiki is also used as a natural remedy for stress, anxiety and numerous physical conditions. The unconditional love and balance brought by this divine energy, cleanse the body's energy field whilst enhancing physical and emotional healing.

The Evolution Of Reiki

The Reiki energy is increasing in strength and refining in it's healing ability. There are many different styles of Reiki that have been developed to be used for different purposes and attain different levels of healing. A Reiki session with Luke allows you to experience many different vibrations of Reiki in order to enhance the healing process.


What are the main benefits?

  • Accelerates physical and emotional healing and is accepted by the National Health Service (NHS).

  • Induces natural relaxation

  • Eases stress and anxiety

  • Corrects and balances the flow of energy in the mind, body and energy field.

  • Provides a bridge to your higher self and your natural intuition.

  • Replaces heavy energies with light.

Who will benefit from a Reiki healing?

These healings can benefit anyone with an open mind and an open heart. These powerful energies adapt themselves to the needs of the person. They are guided by spirit and are never "too much" or "too little", which means the client always receive the right level of healing at the right time. 

What to expect from a Healing with me

  • 10-minute consultation to get to know you and your intention for the session.

  • Holy Fire healing experience.

  • Hands-on Reiki healing to bring love, balance and harmony to your energy system.

  • 10-minutes to share experiences + integration techniques.


Mountain Sunset

"I recently had a Reiki healing with luke and was completely blown away. He held the space in a calm and gentle way, and the Reiki energies he used were very strong! Couldn't recommend him enough!" - Anna

"Luke held a truly beautiful healing session for me. I was quite nervous but Luke made me feel very calm and relaxed from the moment I walked in." - Russell

"I had a Reiki session with Luke recently and had some great results. During the healing, I fell into a very deep meditation whilst experiencing powerful but gentle tingling throughout my body." - Terri

"Luke is a great Reiki practitioner with a kind soul an a great passion for what he does. I walked out of the session feeling very relaxed and at peace. He also provides you with very helpful integration techniques. Thank you Luke!" - Lauren 

"I attended my first Reiki healing the other day with Luke and I was pleasantly surprised. I really connected with myself and my heart during the session which brought up a few emotions. Despite this, I was gently guided by Luke's incredible knowledge and experience." - Marie

Reiki Treatment

1.5 hour face to face Reiki Healing - £80

4-week programme (4 weekly sessions) - £200