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Shamanic Distant Healing

Restore Your Energy Field

This powerful approach to distant healing combines all of the Shamanic tools that I have gathered throughout my practice of Shamanism. The process is designed to address all layers of a particular wound such as: clearing all of the chakras and meridians, regenerating the energy field, extracting all intrusive energies, retrieving lost soul parts, releasing shame, reconnecting to the earth as well as scanning your timelines and past lives to remove toxicity. These sessions are done fully remote.


What Makes This Process So Powerful?

The sessions address a particular shadow from all aspects of the person and bypasses nothing. The wounds and patterns that we are holding onto don't just stem from one place - they have multiple layers that need to be looked at such as the energetic imprint of the wound, intrusive energies such as: entities, curses and cords that are attached to it, resonant past lives, potential futures and lost soul parts. Alongside this, the land around the client is cleared of any energies that are resonant with the wound, whilst the client is re-attuned to the life force of the Earth, paving the way for accelerated growth and change. 

How Does The Process Work?

The Shaman will utilise the powers of many spirits and energies, as well as some of the most powerful healing and curse-breaking rituals to tune into your energy and carry out the healing in accordance to your needs. Shamanic powers such as this, operate beyond time and space - for this reason, healings are just as effective when done distantly as they are in person. All you need to do during the session is lie down and relax in a place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session (1-Hour) whilst I carry out the healing. All I ask is that you contact me with a photo of yourself and a description of the particular challenge that you are looking to work on. 

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Master Shamanic Healer

My goal as your Shamanic Practitioner is to hold you within a sacred and protected space to allow you to safely delve deep into your healing process. I work in harmony with great spirit to facilitate the transformation that my clients are ready to attain. 

I am what is known as a "Jaguar Shaman" which is healer who specialises in the removal of heavy energies and black magic. My way of working is direct and to the point. My practice of Shamanism will not bypass anything and instead, will work to address the roots in terms of why certain events, illnesses and perceptions are prominent in one's life, in order to work with them to heal the root. 

What Happens During The Sessions?

All of the following will be completed within the session, however, it is not a quick fix as our shadows can have multiple layers, therefore each time the session is complete, another layer is peeled back. 


Full Clearing of Intrusive Energies - You will be held within a powerful healing orb that is made up of powerful healing and curse breaking rituals to fully clear your energy system of intrusive energies. 

Energy Field Regeneration - Powerful spirits, rituals and energies will be sent through your energy body to completely clear all of the chakras and meridians, fill holes in the aura and fully replenish and regenerate the field. 

Tie Cutting - The spirits will scan your energy field and cut the ties that are connecting you to old stories and people that are draining your energy. 

Entity & Black Magic Removal - All intrusive entities, psychic attacks and black magic will be extracted from your energy field, alongside the destructive, conscious thought forms and beliefs that are stored deep within the unconscious.

Soul Retrieval - Myself and the spirits will journey into the underworld to call back the detached soul pieces that are ready to come back and integrate them back into your energy field. 

Reconnecting To The Earth - Through the trauma that we experience, we can easily become disconnected from the Earth and therefore, energy cannot rise properly through the meridians, manifesting health issues, low energy and feelings of fragmentation. This energy creates a deep root into the earth, connecting the client to the life force of the earth, whilst also providing greater resistance against anything unnatural such as chemical, mental or energetic programming. 

Khodam Healing - You will be surrounded with a powerful legion of Khodams, who are powerful angelic protectors who will assist with the continued clearing during and after the session. 

Dis-Creation - Energy will be built towards dis-creating repeating patterns or challenges from your life.

Forgiving The Self - Clearing all shame and guilt that is stored in the energy body ands replacing it with light and understanding. 

Scanning And Healing Timelines - Finally, the spirits will scan your timelines to heal past lives, ancestors and potential futures. 

What are the main benefits?

  • Clears deep emotional imprints from your past

  • Clears limiting beliefs about yourself

  • Breaks negative belief systems and patterns

  • Cuts cords and extracts intrusive energies

  • Removes attachments to past lives

  • Replaces shame with love and understanding

  • Retrieves lost soul pasts

  • Clears toxicity from your timeline

  • Gives you a stronger connection with yourself and the spiritual world around you

  • Creates a sense of well-being and becoming whole

Who will benefit from a Shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing works to address the root of a wound or issue and then works to extract it from the energy field. This process can be challenging but is extremely powerful. Shamanic healing is for those who have the genuine intention to clear their wounds, release heavy energy and better themselves.

What to expect the Ultimate Healing Process

  • Email me with the specifics on what you would like to work on, what you want to bring into your life as well as what you want to dis-create.

  • Full 1-Hour healing session

  • In-depth report on what was dealt with during the session

  • Ongoing support and integration.


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Distant Healing Options:

Single Distant Healing Session - £160


Distant Healing Block (Four-Weekly Sessions) - £500

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