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Shamanic Healing Sessions

Experienced Shamanic Practitioner Based In Brighton, East Sussex

I am an advanced Shamanic Practitioner who specialises in the extraction of heavy energies and attachments. I hold a sacred and protected space for my clients to delve deep into their shadows, allowing them to release unhelpful patterns and behaviours so that they can start living their best lives. My sessions are held either online or at my therapy room in Brighton and long term plans can be discussed. 


What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing has played the role of an essential healing modality with our ancestors for thousands of years and can be found in all cultures and traditions around the world. The concept of illness doesn’t just manifest physically in the body but it also shows energetically within the person’s energy field. The Shaman works directly with your energy field to remove heavy energies, clear energetic imprints and restore the energy body. Shamans are able to perceive such blockages and clear them. The shaman becomes a conduit through which the energy of the wound is removed and replaced with energy that serves the person and empowers them.

Online vs In-Person Healing Sessions

Shamans work at the level of the spirit and soul. Through perceptual states of consciousness, they tune into your energy field to clear toxic imprints and intrusive energies in order to replenish the field and accelerate your healing process.  Distance is a physical concept and because the healing occurs within your energy body, it makes no difference whether the Shaman is with you physically or not. Online or in-person sessions are more dependant on the personal preferences and needs of the client. 


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Accredited Shamanic Healer

My goal as your Shamanic Practitioner is to hold you within a sacred and protected space to allow you to safely delve deep into your healing process. I work in harmony with great spirit to facilitate the transformation that my clients are ready to attain. 

I am what is known as a "Jaguar Shaman" which is healer who specialises in the removal of heavy energies and black magic. My way of working is direct and to the point. My practice of Shamanism will not bypass anything and instead, will work to address the roots in terms of why certain events, illnesses and perceptions are prominent in one's life, in order to work with them to heal the root. 

What I Work With

Shamanic work is never set in stone. There are many healing tools that may need to be utilised depending on what the client needs. It can be used to assist with any challenge by providing insight that goes beyond the literal level and into the world of energy and spirit. I am qualified to the highest standard to be able to work with the following: 

Ancestral/Generational Curses - Many of us are holding onto energies that do not belong to us individually, but have been passed down through our bloodline. When our ancestors undergo trauma or illness, it stores as an imprint in their energy field, which have informed what we have inherited from them on both the physical and energetic levels. This is what condemns many of us to the same destructive patterns, behaviours and illnesses that our ancestors experienced. 

Imprint Removal (Illumination) - All past traumas and illnesses leave imprints in our energy field. Imprints are what binds us to the same destructive patterns that unfold in our lives - they are responsible for attracting the same types of partners, job opportunities or illnesses and are even responsible for the people we might randomly bump into on the street or a car accident that we avoid by a split second. When they are left to fester, overtime, their density will increase and so will the scenarios that you bring into your life. When these imprints are removed, it is possible to change toxic behaviours and patterns, whilst the power of the immune system is unleashed and physical healing is accelerated. 

Black Magic Removal - "Black Magic" is a term which isn't taken very seriously in the west, when in reality, it is all around us. It typically comes in two forms - "live black magic" which is planted deliberately by someone else (normally a sorcerer of some kind), or psychic attack which is the most common in the western world, and is formed from resentment that two people are simultaneously directing towards each other. Black magic tangles itself within the energy field and holds us to specific behaviours, patterns and in some cases, illnesses and death. 

Entity Removal - Entities in this context are conscious, fragmented spirits that are normally the soul pieces of other life forms that have become corrupted and lost, causing them to have to latch onto a resonant energy source in order to maintain their density. They are attracted to us through imprints in our energy bodies (vulnerabilities) and can enhance a wound or pattern once they have latched on. The effects of entity attachment can be anywhere from mild to debilitating and most of the time, people don't even realise they have them.

Spirit Attachment - This is what Shamans refer to as "Psychopomp" which is the sacred process of assisting spirits with their transition to the spirit world. These are spirits who died in a state of unrest and have therefore become stuck in the astral plane. These spirits are not normally malevolent in any way but are often diseased family members or friends who latch onto a person or place. The process is designed to gently assist the spirit with moving on. 

Past Life Work - Sometimes the challenges that we are facing in this life can hold a resonance with what has occurred for us in a past life at which point, a past life journey may be required. We will journey back to embody these past lives and experience the emotions and the process of dying in order to dislodge the attachment from your energy field. 

Soul Rescue/Retrieval - Soul Retrieval is a powerful process of retrieving the pieces of our souls which have detached through traumatic experiences. Soul loss is a very common challenge that many of us face and the process of retrieving it will involve journeying to the point in which the soul piece detached, and calling it back to source. 

Ancestral Constellation - These are needed when there is toxicity and unrest within the client’s lineage that needs to be addressed. The process utilises shamanic journeying to venture into the collective unconscious to commune with the ancestors and
make peace with them. This process is designed to cut the dense cords that are binding the client to the same illnesses, behaviours and patterns as their ancestors.  

Sacred Offerings & Rituals - Ritual and offering are powerful ways of serving spirit and participating in a powerful energetic exchange for the purpose of healing. This can be done to assist you with releasing things from your life, or to assist with bringing things in.

Fully Remote Healings - These are fully remote healing sessions whereby we arrange a time and carry out the healing distantly - for this reason, the process is different to a normal in-person healing session. This approach combines all of the healing tools that I have gathered throughout my practice of Shamanism. The process is designed to address all layers of a particular wound such as: clearing all of the chakras and meridians, regenerating the energy field, extracting all intrusive energies, retrieving lost soul parts, releasing shame, reconnecting to the earth as well as scanning the timelines, past lives and ancestors to remove toxicity.  More Info here

What are the main benefits?

  • Clears deep emotional imprints from your past

  • Clears limiting beliefs about yourself

  • Breaks negative belief systems and patterns

  • Cuts cords and extracts intrusive energies

  • Replaces wounds with love and light

  • Gives you a stronger connection with yourself and the spiritual world around you

  • Creates a sense of well-being and becoming whole

Who will benefit from a Shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing works to address the root of a wound or issue and then works to extract it from the energy field. This process can be challenging but is extremely powerful. Shamanic healing is for those who have the genuine intention to clear their wounds, release heavy energy and better themselves.

What to expect from a Shamanic Healing with Luke

  • Initial consultation to identify any specific issues that need to be worked on during the session.

  • Healing session to either remove heavy energies, illuminate the chakras, clear past lives or rescue soul parts.

  • Ongoing support and integration techniques.


Reiki Treatment

Free Phone Consultation


Online & In-Person Sessions:

1-Hour Energy Clearing - £140

2-Hour Healing Session - £250

Block Sessions: Four 2-Hour Sessions - £600

Block Sessions: Five 2-Hour S
essions - £750

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