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Shamanic Journeying Course

The Shamanic Journeying course is an in-depth, 3-day workshop that will teach you how to safely journey deep into various different realms to heal yourself, gain insight and connect with beings from the spirit world. You will receive powerful Karpay (initiations) to enhance your ability to see into the invisible world, as well as advanced Shamanic techniques that will enable you to shift your consciousness at will. This course is designed for those who are new to Shamanism and who want to learn how they can integrate these ancient journeying techniques to enhance their connection with themselves and the world around them.


What is Shamanic Journeying?

Journeying is one of the core tools of the Shaman. It is a powerful way of entering different perceptual states of being, in order to bring healing and insight back from other realms. It is through these perceptual states, that we break free of the precept, which is the fact-based state of consciousness that our western society is built off of. It is through journeying to these other realms that we can begin to tone down the factual and start embracing the mythic. When we do this, we are no longer limiting ourselves based on facts i.e. what we have been taught is attainable or possible, and we can start to truly embody the aspects of ourselves that is limitless.

What Is Included In The Course

The class will be a mix of lecture, practice and experience. Below are the core topics that are covered: 

  • What is Shamanism and how it is evolving in the West

  • How Shamanic journeying works and what it can do

  • Introduction to the Three Worlds

  • Journeying to the Upper World, Middle World and Lower World

  • Initiation Rites to enhance your psychic abilities

  • Power animal retrieval

  • Connecting with the four archetypes: Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle. 

  • Journeying to your power places

  • Feeding your personal power

  • Journeying to clear wounds from the past

  • Soul Retrieval technique

  • Meeting your ancestors

  • Past life regression journey

  • Retrieving and integrating your destiny

  • How to journey for general insight and healing

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Schedule For Shamanic Journeying Course

The class is three days long and each day will be focussed towards journeying to one of The Three Worlds.

Day 1 - The Middle World: 

Welcome & Introductions

How to open and close sacred space
Intention Setting

What is the role of the Shaman

What is Shamanic Journeying

The Three Worlds
Stepping beyond time

The Kawak initiation to enable you to see into the invisible world

Journey to connect with your sacred grove

Lunch (1-Hour) 

Initiation to connect you to the Middle World (Kay Pacha)

Journey to the gatekeeper of the Middle World

Journey to meet your personal power

Connecting to your power places

Closing sacred space

Day 2 - The Lower World: 

Welcome & Sharing

Opening sacred space

The structure of the lower world and how to access it

Initiation to connect you to the lower world (Hanaq Pacha)

Journey to meet the gatekeeper of the lower world

Meeting your Power Animals

Lunch (1-Hour) 

Journey to Serpent energy

Meeting your ancestors

The concept of past lives

Past Life regression journey + IntegrationIntegration

What is soul loss

Basic soul-retrieval technique

Closing sacred space

Day 3 - The Upper World: 

Welcome & Sharing

Opening sacred space

The structure of the Upper World and how to access it

Initiation to connect you to the Upper World (Uchu Pacha)

Journey to meet the gatekeeper of the Upper World

Meeting the spirit of the Hummingbird

Lunch (1-Hour) 

Journey to meet the lineage of ascended healers
Journey to your timelines

The Concept of Destiny

Destiny Retrieval

Full integration of the three worlds

Closing Space

Course Fee: £500

What are the main benefits?

  • Learn to step beyond time and connect with your spirit allies

  • Learn how to journey to and clear your attachments to your past lives

  • Connect with your ancestors

  • Learn how to access things that are buried deep in your sub-conscious

  • Learn how to access your Destiny and anchor it into your being

  • Retrieve lost soul parts

  • Receive ancient Shamanic rites of initiation to enhance your psychic abilities

  • Gives you a stronger connection with yourself and the spiritual world around you

Who will benefit from The Course?

This course is suitable for those who are new to Shamanism and journeying, as well as those with experience. The purpose of this course is to give you the necessary initiations and knowledge to be able to journey to the other realms to enhance your own personal healing, so this course is for those who want to utilise powerful shamanic journeying techniques to reach the places within themselves that the conscious mind cannot. 

What to expect from a Shamanic Healing with Luke

  • Light-hearted but direct approach to healing.

  • Regular communication.

  • Calls whenever they are needed.

  • Ongoing support and integration techniques.



Mountain Sunset

"I experienced a shamanic healing with Luke quite recently after years of trying other therapies. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door and the healing he performed was incredibly profound. I feel that just after one session, I reached a break-though beyond anything I have ever experienced before." - Ashley

"Luke held a truly beautiful healing session for me. I was quite nervous but Luke made me feel very calm and relaxed from the moment I walked in." - Russell

"Luke held a great healing session for me and also helped me to identify a range of things within myself I wasn't aware of. I came away from the session feeling very calm, relaxed and at peace." - Jon

"Luke is a highly skilled shaman who is gentle yet firm in what he does. I came to him with an open mind and received so much clarity as he removed any intrusive energy from me." - Shona

"The session I had with Luke was quite intense but incredibly powerful. He guides you through it very well and provides very useful insight into how to integrate these teachings into your daily life." - Jen

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