One-To-One Shamanic Mentoring

Kickstart Your Journey Into Shamanism

“To make a difference in our lives, we need to retrieve our collective identity. Through this doorway, the possibilities are endless”

Don Manual Quispe - The Last Altomeseyok of the Q'ero

The Shamanic Mentoring programme is a 6-month, one-to-one healing journey that acts as the first step onto the life-changing path of Shamanism. This is a deep-rooted healing programme that is designed to expose you to a broad spectrum of Shamanic energies, spirits and archetypes that will assist you in breaking free of old patterns and behaviours, whilst enhancing your connection with yourself and the world around you. This training will build the foundations for your journey to becoming a Shaman. 


What Is The Goal Of The Programme?

During the programme, the mentor acts as the conduit, through which the spirits will work directly with you. Once you make the commitment to the programme, you will quickly notice a shift in your energy - the spirits will start to respond to your intention to step onto this path and will work with you continuously throughout the programme. The sole purpose of this programme is to assist you in embodying the core elements of personal Shamanic practice in order to access your expanded, authentic self, in order to prepare you for a broader spectrum of Shamanic practice. At the end of the programme, you will have the necessary tools and understanding to integrate consistent Shamanic practice into your life, or carry the teachings further into advanced training. 

The Four Pillars of Wisdom

The Four Pillars of Wisdom are core practices that exist within all corners of Shamanism. They build the foundations for the receiving of these sacred teachings and integrating them into our daily lives. 

Pillar 1 - The Wisdom Teachings

This refers to teachings that are not only transmitted orally, but also energetically - the body of wisdom that has been transmitted from teacher to student. You will be receiving these core teachings through oral/energetic transmission, therefore it is not about noting everything that you are learning but also allow it to integrate and sit with you energetically. 

Pillar 2 - The Healing Practices

This refers to the Shamanic tools and techniques that you will develop throughout the programme and how you integrate them into your daily life. There are no set rules in Shamanic practice so how one integrates the healing tools will be highly personal but equally essential to their Shamanic path. 

Pillar 3 - The Karpays

The Karapys are sacred initiations that assist us with connecting to and embodying the lineage of luminous beings who work from the spirit world. These beings are our ancestors - the medicine men, medicine women who are the building blocks of our sacred lineage.


Pillar 4 - Mentoring

This refers directly to the guidance and support that you receive throughout this sacred journey into Shamanism - a vital part of this process. When I say mentors, I don't just mean your mentor, but also the ancestors and your own spirit allies. 


What Will I Receive?

Throughout the journey, you will learn and participate in the following:

  • Daily Shamanic Practice - You will develop the tools to utilise daily Shamanic practice to enhance the connection to the world around you. 

  • Sacred Space - You will learn how to create a sacred space for your own personal healing. 

  • Working With The Four Archetypes - Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird & Condor. 

  • Shamanic Journeying - You will learn how to enter various states of Shamanic trance in order to extract insight from different dimensions and how to work with the three worlds - Lower, Middle & Upper Worlds.

  • Connecting With Your Allies - you will learn how to tune into different helper spirits, power animals and collective beings to assist your journey. 

  • Shadow Work - You will learn about how your shadows are formed on an energetic level and how to work with them.

  • Walking With Protection - You will learn how to be more resistant to heavy energies, deflect psychic attacks and walk with infinite protection. 

  • Restoration Dieta - You will embark on a sacred Shamanic diet that will cleanse and restore you energy and physical body.

  • Initiation - You will receive the Karpays (initiations) to expand your energy body and assist with embodying your inner Shaman. 

Stages Of The Shamanic Mentoring Programme

The this programme works with the energies of the medicine wheel - an ancient path to allow us to become people of wisdom and power. It follows the four cardinal directions of the Earth - South, West, North, East. The concept of the medicine wheel comes from the tradition of the Q’ero medicine people of the Andes and induces a deep healing process when it is tuned into. This process is ongoing and will be highly dependant on how deep you wish to go. Therefore, we encourage you to see this as an internal journey, as opposed to "being healed" by something external. Everything starts and ends with you! It is essential that you commit to the entire programme in order to get the full benefits of working on this level. The programme consists of the following stages but can be flexible on duration:

The South Direction - Serpent (The Way Of The Healer)

The journey begins in the south which we refer to as “the way of the healer”. It is in this direction that we learn how to work with wounds from the past, in order to shed out past like the way that Serpent sheds her skin, which is all at once! The way in which we are used to this in the Western world is to chip away at these energies and in the context of Serpent, peel one scale off at a time. We don’t work by looking at one event from your past at a time in the sense of “when I was 3 years old, this happened” but we come into our power by shedding all of our past at once. When we do this, all of the little stories that happened throughout your path just detach and we become at peace with what has occurred in the past. Serpent represents the primeval connection to the feminine and thus, is a symbol for fertility and sexuality. A common misconception is that the Serpent symbolises sex but instead, represents the essential life force that seeks union and creation. 


The West Direction - Jaguar (The Way Of The Setting Sun)

The continues in the West which we refer to as “the way of the setting sun”. The archetype we work with is the Jaguar - the feline energy that represents the journey beyond death. The jaguar has the ability to see in the dark, effectively hunt for her prey and journey deep into the rain forest. Embodying the jaguar will give you the ability to journey into the darker aspects of yourself to be able to uncover the light that exists deep within the shadows. The jaguar teaches us to live fearlessly in times of tremendous fear and to be able to leap between worlds and journey consciously into our next destination and beyond death.


The North Direction - Hummingbird (The Heroes Journey)​​

The great Hummingbird teaches us to have stillness even in the middle of flight. They are extraordinary and quick, without even being structurally designed for flight. They teach us the way of the great heroes journey. They journey from brazil to canada every year - they receive the call from spirit, and they embark on their journey. They learn to drink only from the nectar of the flowers. The North is about learning to receive the nectar of abundance and joy that the universe has to offer. The great hummingbird teaches us how to bring this magic and joy into our being and embark on our hero's journey with no looking back! The Hummingbird allows us to embark on tremendous journeys despite great odds. When there is not enough time, money or knowhow for what you are attempting, Hummingbird can provide the courage and guidance necessary for success. 



The East Direction - Eagle (The Way Of The Visionary)


The way of the Eagle is known as the way of the visionary - the ability to see the details in the way that the Eagle does. The Eagle can fly high through the sky whilst still being able to see the intricate detail of what lies below. The Eagle teaches how to see the bigger picture and not get caught up in the minor details below. The way of the East is the way of dreaming the world into being and teaches how to spread our wings and fly wing to wing with the great spirit!


Pay as you go - £400 per direction - Total = £1,600

Full upfront payment - Total = £1,350 (£250 discount)

What are the benefits?

  • Clears deep emotional imprints from your past

  • Clears limiting beliefs about yourself

  • Breaks negative belief systems and patterns

  • Provides you with a conscious understanding of why you perceive the world in the way that you do, alongside why certain events have occurred

  • Cuts cords and extracts intrusive energies from your system

  • Gives you a stronger connection with yourself and the world around you

  • Creates a sense of well-being and becoming whole

Who will benefit from the Shamanic Mentoring Programme?

This programme has been designed to facilitate clients to delve deep into themselves in order to bring light to our our shadows. The energies that you are exposed to during this programme are strong and can trigger significant shifts within your mind, body and energy system, which will need to be properly integrated throughout. For this reason, this programme is for those who have the time, space and genuine intention to give their healing journey their attention and bring more magic and joy into their lives. 

What to expect from working with Luke?

  • Light-hearted but direct approach to healing.

  • Regular communication.

  • Calls whenever they are needed.

  • Ongoing support and integration techniques.



Mountain Sunset

"I experienced a shamanic healing with Luke quite recently after years of trying other therapies. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door and the healing he performed was incredibly profound. I feel that just after one session, I reached a break-though beyond anything I have ever experienced before." - Ashley

"Luke held a truly beautiful healing session for me. I was quite nervous but Luke made me feel very calm and relaxed from the moment I walked in." - Russell

"Luke held a great healing session for me and also helped me to identify a range of things within myself I wasn't aware of. I came away from the session feeling very calm, relaxed and at peace." - Jon

"Luke is a highly skilled shaman who is gentle yet firm in what he does. I came to him with an open mind and received so much clarity as he removed any intrusive energy from me." - Shona

"The session I had with Luke was quite intense but incredibly powerful. He guides you through it very well and provides very useful insight into how to integrate these teachings into your daily life." - Jen