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Shamanic Tarot & Oracle Readings

In-Depth Shadow Readings Online

I am a Master Shamanic Practitioner with many years of experience in healing and shadow work. My readings are designed to provide the client with in-depth guidance and insight in navigating a wide variety of challenges and to assist them in understanding what is playing out within them so that they can begin to make the necessary changes that will make their lives better. These readings are two hours long and will take you deep into the mechanics of a particular intention so that you can begin to clear your most stubborn blocks to success. Sessions take place online via Zoom. 


Who Are These Readings For?

These readings are for those who are wanting to understand themselves or a particular situation on a deeper level and to receive guidance on the necessary changes that are needed to navigate any challenges that are beings experienced. A reading will identify the specific shadows (limiting belief systems) that are holding you back and provide in-depth insight and guidance on how to clear them. The Shaman will use a variety of tools to channel the insight directly from the spirit world such as Tarot, Oracles, Shamanic Journeying and much more. 

The Importance Of Working With The Shadow

The Shadow Self is the aspect of ourselves that exists within the unconscious and contains everything that our ego denies about ourselves - the good things, as well as the bad. The Ego is the part of us that refuses ownership of what is in the shadow in order to keep us within a place of perceived security. The ego is the filter that tries to keep us sheltered from the truth, whilst the shadow holds our truth, making the two sworn enemies. As we go through our daily lives, we are encountered with situations and dynamics that mirror the attributes of our shadow. If we go through life refusing ownership for what it is showing us and projecting it onto the world around us, the same patterns and struggles will continue to emerge. If we befriend the shadow and learn to constructively process what it shows us, the struggle ends. Every challenge that we experience is going to have numerous layers of the shadow that are playing out and these need to be addressed in order to truly move forward. These readings will show you the specific shadows that are playing out for you and help you to begin to work with them constructively to make your life better. 

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What Does A Reading Involve?

The readings last for about two hours and will begin with the you (the client) expressing what it is you feel you need guidance for at this time. You can go into as much detail as you feel to. The Shaman will then provide some initial insight by tuning into your energy field before performing an in-depth tarot & oracle reading to identify the shadows that are playing out and how to begin to release them. 

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Accredited Shamanic Practitioner

My goal as your Shamanic Practitioner is to hold you within a sacred and protected space to allow you to safely delve deep into your healing process. I work in harmony with great spirit to facilitate the transformation that my clients are ready to attain. 

My way of working is direct and to the point. My practice of Shamanism will not bypass anything and instead, will work to address the roots in terms of why certain events, illnesses and perceptions are prominent in one's life, in order to work with them to heal the root. 

Shamanic Healing
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2-Hour Online Shadow Reading - £140

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