Usui Reiki Level 1 Course

The Usui Reiki Level 1 course is the first step onto the infinite healing journey of Reiki. During the Level 1 course, you will receive an attunement that will enable you to use Reiki to perform self-healings as well as being able to pass Reiki onto friends, family and animals.

Course Duration: 1 Day (5 - 6 Hours)

Course Cost: £200

Location: Hove

Course Overview

You will learn all about the history of Reiki, as well as all of the main level 1 principles and techniques. You will receive an attunement to raise the frequency of energy in the body and allow you to access the full level 1 frequency of Reiki alongside a personal introduction to the energy field to enable you to cleanse and balance the chakras and aura.


After completing the Level 1, students often report noticeable changes in their intuition, meditation becoming easier and feeling generally more relaxed and at peace with themselves. Being able to access Reiki Level 1 will raise your vibration and enhance the ability to look at life from a whole new perspective of peace and unconditional love.

Topics Covered


Level 1 attunement

Mindfulness and Meditation

Byosen/Chakra Scanning

Self treatment, given a treatment

Hands on practice

Using Reiki as a manifestation tool

Energy field practice

Chakra balancing

Japanese techniques

You Will Receive


Internationally recognised certificate.

The ability to join the UK Reiki Federation as a Reiki Student

Comprehensive PDF Manual

Support during and after the course

After course practice at the FREE Reiki Shares (Reiki workshops for students)


Upon completion of the course, you will be given an internationally recognised Reiki Level 1 certificate. This will make you eligible for student membership with the UK Reiki Federation whilst preparing you to move onto the Usui Reiki Level 2 if you feel the call.