Usui Reiki Level 2 Course

During the Reiki Level 2 course you will receive an attunement that will deepen your connection with the energy and give you access to the three sacred symbols that allow you to practice Reiki professionally.

Single Day 1-2-1 Course (5 - 7 Hours)

Course Cost: £200

Location: Hove

Course Overview

The level 2 course will enhance your connection with Reiki energy. It will create a deeper understanding and sense of the energy whilst drastically deepening your own personal healing. 


Unlocking the full potential of the three sacred symbols of Reiki will not only enable you to perform powerful healings on others, but also channel an equally powerful energy for those who are at a distance.

Topics Covered:


Level 2 attunement to the 3 sacred symbols

Mindfulness and Meditation

Byosen/Chakra Scanning

Self treatment, given a treatment

Hands on practice

Energy field practice

Chakra balancing

Japanese techniques

Distance healing

Aspects of the professional practice, Insurance, client’s treatments, Reiki associations.​​


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification that will enable you to practice Reiki professionally. Please note that if you choose the online class, you will be unable to join a governing body due to face to face training being required for this. However, this will not prevent you from being able to offer professional healings.


Ongoing Support and Integration

As your Reiki Teacher, I care a great deal about my students not just during the class, but also after. Once you complete a course with me, I will provide ongoing support whenever it is needed to help you integrate Reiki into your day to day life.