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Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher - Online

The Reiki Master Teacher course is a life changing experience and adjustment to the highest frequencies Usui Reiki energy. The teachings and ignitions in this course will enable students to give anybody the ability to channel Usui Reiki and Holy Fire® Reiki at any level. This course is for those who have experienced the healing powerful of Reiki level 2 and would like to integrate it fully into their daily lives as well as those who wish to teach it. This course is a great step towards a fulfilled life of greater love and awareness.

Three Day Intensive

Online Fee: £600

Course Overview

During the Reiki Master Teacher Course, each student will undergo deep physical and emotional healing as they adjust to new frequencies of energy. Accessing this level of energy will not only give you the ability to initiate anyone into Usui Reiki but will also provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and how to create your own reality. The course will enable you to tap into a profound and awakened state of being, allowing you to live life with your consciousness permanently expanded. 

Holy Fire® III Reiki

Holy Fire® III is a relatively new form of Reiki that was developed and brought to our conscious awareness by William Lee Rand and the International Centre for Reiki Training. It's frequencies reach an incredibly deep and profound level of healing whilst also being very gentle. The effects of this beautiful energy are both purifying and empowering with students reporting rapid changes in their vibration after receiving it's ignitions. Holy Fire® III is taught with both Usui and with Karuna Reiki®. In this course, it is taught with the Usui master symbol to allow the student to channel healing energies of a higher and finer frequency to heal and attune other to Reiki. The Holy Fire® energy is also what allows attunements (ignitions/placements) to be just as powerful online as they are in person.

Topics Covered


Usui/Holy Fire attunements/ignitions

How to give attunements/ignitions

How to teach Reiki online and face to face

Advanced Reiki healing techniques

Self treatment, giving a treatment

Holy Fire meditation

Hands-on practice of the Holy Fire and Usui Master Symbol(s)

Using crystal grids to channel Reiki continuously

Asking Reiki for guidance

The adaptation of Reiki

Using Reiki to fuel intuition

Best practices for setting up a Reiki business

How Does An Online Course Compare To In-Person?

Within Reiki communities, there is a lot of stigma towards online classes not being "as effective" as Face to Face due to some governing bodies not accepting them. From experience, online classes are just as powerful as face to face classes. The Reiki energy has evolved and is reaching a progressively higher frequency, to the point where attunements are now just as affective online as they are face to face with the Holy Fire® energy. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. The International Centre For Reiki Training now fully accepts online classes. 


Upon completion of the course, you will be given an internationally recognised Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher certificate that will make you eligible for professional and affiliate membership with the International Centre for Reiki Training. This certification will enable you to teach and attune anyone to Usui and Holy Fire III Reiki, both online and face to face.


Ongoing Support and Integration

As your Reiki Teacher, I care a great deal about my students not just during the class, but also after. Once you complete a course with me, I will provide ongoing support whenever it is needed to help you integrate Reiki into your day to day life.


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