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New Year Group Healing & Attunement
New Year Group Healing & Attunement

Sun, 07 Jan


The Float Spa

New Year Group Healing & Attunement

Align Your Energy Field To The Higher Dimensions

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Time & Location

07 Jan 2024, 15:30 – 17:00

The Float Spa, 8 Third Ave, Brighton and Hove, Hove BN3 2PX, UK

About The Event

New Year Group Healing & Attunement

According to the spirits, 2024 is going to be a crazy year, with the energies reaching new heights. For this reason, it's important to be vibrationally equipped for the upcoming changes. Therefore, I am hosting another potent group healing experience with the addition of three combined energy transmissions that have come through recently from our Star brothers and sisters to facilitate our shift in consiousness. These are: 

  • Pranic Upgrade - a potent transmission that will upgrade and align the prana (life force energy) in the body to the upcoming energy shifts, speeding up manifestation, quickening healing and slowing down the aging process.
  • 24D Ascension Body - alignment of one’s energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with the qualities and vibrations of the higher dimensions. It is believed that this attunement facilitates a profound expansion of consciousness, leading to enhanced spiritual awareness, personal growth, and a deeper connection with divine intelligence.
  • Sacred Strand DNA Upgrade - our DNA contains hidden codes and energetic strands that extend beyond the conventional double helix structure. These additional strands are said to hold the keys to our multidimensional nature and embody aspects of our higher selves. The attunement process involves activating and harmonizing these sacred strands, allowing individuals to access heightened states of consciousness and connect with higher realms of existence.

What Is Shamanic Healing?   

Shamans are trained to act as the mediators between the worlds. They utilise perceptual states to enter a trance-like state that enables them to shift their consciousness between worlds to exchange insight and healing between the physical world and the spirit world. Therefore, Shamanic Healing isn’t just one thing, but often a combination of intuitive techniques - some of which have been acquired through initiation into a tradition, whilst others are channeled directly from spirit. Every Shaman works very differently to the next, even if they have the same lineage, but the overall purpose of Shamanic Healing work remains the same. It works with your energy field, which acts as a translucent matrix that surrounds your whole body. This matrix contains the programming that informs your physical experience . Therefore, if someone has experienced trauma, this will show as an imprint within their energy field as a mirror of what is in their psyche. These Karmic imprints also attract energies into your being which can stagnate the flow of energy in your system. Shamanic Healing is designed to clear the energy field of heavy energies and reconnect the client to their authenticity.

What Is Involved?

You will receive an incredibly potent Shamanic Healing with the addition of three energy transmissions that will upgrade your energy body and facilitate the upcoming shifts in energy:

  • Three Powerful Attunements - to faciliate your expansion.
  • Healing on all levels of your energy field - you will receive some of the most potent Shamanic Healing tools to destory toxic programs, negative entities and clear your system of dark and intrusive forces.
  • Energy Field Regeneration - holes in the aura will be 
  • Aligning to your authenticy - your system will be aligned to the flow of the collective energies and missing pieces of the soul will be safely returned to you so that you can move into 2024 with a new sense of wholeness. 

What techniques will be used to carry out the healing?

I will be working with different spirits, deities and healing tools, each of which have specific purposes:

  • Healing Spirits - A range of spirits are summoned to assist with the clearing process. These are: Djinn (For removing heavy energies), Angelic Khodams (to protect you and the space), Nagas (Cosmic Serpents), ancestral shamans from various traditions as well as numerous deities from different traditions.
  • Tulpas (Orbs) - conscious energy containers that come from Javanese mystical knowledge. Each of these contain a specific, pre-programmed healing ritual that will work in the background throughout the process. Tulpas will be used for mantra repetitions, soul retrieval, clearing of the energy field, alongside many other things.
  • Icaros - the healing songs of the indigenous that invoke significant metaphysical changes. The songs will hold the space and deepen the healing process and come from the Shipibo tradition.
  • Tantrik Mantras - each of which will invoke a specific energy. Some of these mantras are rare, Guru level invocations and call on advanced etheric healing tools from goddess Chinnamasta. These will be used to expel all dark forces from your energy field and for Karma purification.
  • Banishing rituals - the most powerful and ancient techniques that I have found the most effective for removing all intrusive energies
  • Psionic Healing Grid - Each participant will be placed within a healing grid that contains talismans for protection and deeper healing throughout the process.
  • Drums, Rattles and Chacapa - tools to shift the energies within the space and to maintain a trance-like state.

This will be a deeply transformative journey that will set you up for the start of 2024! 


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