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Shamanic Training Courses

Shamanic Training Courses & Initiations

Shamanic Training and initiation is no small feat when it comes to your spiritual development. Alongside learning all of the tools and techniques when it comes to holding sacred space, communing with nature and building your relationship with the spirit world, this training is a powerful energetic process that is designed to identify and release the programming that has blocked you from finding your true place in all of creation. My training & initiation is a culmination of many different Shamanic and occult practices from places such as: the Andes, the Amazon, Indonesia, Egypt and India, and is designed to fully immerse you in the medicine that these different traditions have to offer. This training will build the foundations for a much broader set of practices that will allow you to safely and effectively embody the medicine of the spirit world and nature. 

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What Is Shamanism

Shamanic practice has been around since the beginning of time and is present in all cultures and traditions across the world.  Shamanism is about finding your place in all of creation, whilst learning to see and experience the spirit that exists within all things. The practice is one of reciprocity - giving to spirit without expectation of receiving. This is what the Q'ero medicine people of the Andes refer to as Ayni. A "Shaman", in this context, is someone who has been trained to work with perceptual states and in doing so, acts as the mediator between the world of matter and the world of energy (the invisible world). Shamans have been trained to be able to shift in and out of various realms and commune with aspects of the spirit world in order to share insight and healing between the physical and spirit.

How Does Shamanic Training Work

It is important to understand that there are many ways that you can train in Shamanism and that there isn't really a right or wrong way, it just depends on the specific needs of the student. Full Shamanic Immersion is something that takes patience, respect and devotion to the practice. The training is a process that unfolds gradually as you sink in to the medicine of the spirit world. If you are new to the practice, the first step is to start with my Foundation Course into Shamanism, as this will give you a feel for the energies that you will be working with, alongside providing the essential foundational knowledge such as opening sacred space, Shamanic Journeying and communing with the spirits, alongside your own shadow and healing work - This is a four-month process and is an important part of the process. Once you have completed the foundation course, you will have the option of moving onto the Advanced Shamanic Training which is a much longer and deeper healing journey that will change you on a fundamental level, whilst providing you with the tools to be able to be of service to others - this can be completed as a group or as one-to-one depending on the needs of the student. 

For those who may already trained in Shamanism, or general spiritual seekers who want to learn additional healing tools that they can add to their existing practice, my Shamanic Monthly Membership program provides you with a great opportunity to receive in-depth teachings at a low monthly cost. For those who want specific Shamanic powers and initiation, my Distant Activations provide a quicker root. 

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Meet Your Mentor

My name is Luke N-Mason - I am a medicine man with many years of experience with a variety of Shamanic & Occult practices. My goal as your mentor is to hold you within a sacred and protected space to allow you to safely delve deep into your healing process. We will work together in harmony with great spirit to facilitate the transformation that you are ready to reach. 


My way of working is direct and to the point. My practice of Shamanism will not bypass anything and instead, will work to address the roots in terms of why certain events, illnesses and perceptions are prominent in one's life, in order to work with them to heal the root. My approach also acknowledges how expansive the world of Shamanism truly is and therefore, provides you with a holistic and unbiased view towards working with the spirits. 

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Options For Shamanic Training

As an experienced Shaman and medicine man, I acknowledge that everyone has different needs, according to what it is they are looking for, and their experience level. For this reason, I have multiple training options available to accommodate the needs of many spiritual seekers.  


Foundation Course Into Shamanism

Kickstart Your Journey Into Shamanism

Shamanic Monthly Membership Program

In-depth training and initiation at a low monthly cost

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Distant Activations

Initiations into rare Shamanic and Occult powers to empower your practice


Advanced Shamanic Training

Pre-Requisite: Foundation Course Into Shamanism

Details: Discussed Privately

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