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Full Shamanic Rebirth Process

The rebirth process is deep-rooted journey for those who wish to fully engage with Shamanic work to accelerate their healing path. This is an intensive process that is designed to assist you in shifting dense wounds and pattern through healing sessions, ceremony and ritual. The goal of this is to clear the energetic imprints of your traumas from the energy body, remove any intrusive energies that are attached to it and retrieve the soul pieces and core aspects of your authentic energies that have become lost through past trauma. This is accompanied by powerful Shamanic rituals that are designed to replenish the energy field and anchor in your true destiny. 


What To Expect

This package utilises powerful Shamanic Healing techniques alongside ancient ritual and ceremony in order to assist the you in transforming toxic patterns into tools for power and grace. The process includes a total of 10 healing sessions that are ordered and tailored to work with the unique wounds that you are holding on to. You will partake in powerful Shamanic ceremonies to assist you with shedding your old stories and to help you move into the place of your becoming. You will be held in a sacred healing space, protected by spirit throughout the program which will amplify the process, enabling us to journey to the core of the wound to clear it. You will also receive various high-level Shamanic initiations to enhance your healing process. 

How Does Shamanic Healing Work?

Shamans heal at the level of the spirit and soul. Through perceptual states of consciousness, they tune into your energy field to clear toxic imprints and intrusive energies in order to replenish the field and accelerate your healing process.  When the blockage is removed by the Shaman, it frees up the flow of chi in the energy body, allowing it to become easier to change limiting behaviours and patterns - the power of the immune system is unleashed and healing is accelerated. A single healing session can provide instant relief but is not a quick fix. When we are working with shadows that are dense and programming that stems back beyond childhood, it takes persistence to begin change them - this is the purpose of the treatment package... it provides a sacred and protected space to identify the shadow and expel the heavy energies that are surrounding it, in order to re-write the old programming. 


Stages Of The Shamanic Treatment Package

The treatment package has set stages that are in place to ensure success. It is important that each session is within close proximity in order to keep momentum throughout. 

Opening Healing Ritual: To kickstart the process, I will tune into your energy and ask my allies to start working on healing your energy field. Once this ritual takes place, you will start to experience shifts in your energy, followed by changes in your physical reality. Certain thoughts, feelings and emotions that we will work on may start to resurface.  This will take place approximately one week before your first healing session to allow you time to integrate.

Session 1 - Illumination & Shadow ReadingThis session will give you an opportunity to share your story as well as what you have experienced since the ritual took place, followed by an in-depth shadow reading to identify what shadows need to be worked on throughout the program, whilst tracking where the imprints are within your energy field. I will then perform an illumination healing to remove the initial imprint of the wound from your energy field and replace the energies with light in order to re-inform the programming in you system. 

Session 2 - Extraction: After the initial illumination, you will need to receive an extraction which is the removal of solid energies and intrusive energies such as entities, psychic attacks and ancestral black magic that have latched onto your energy. The imprints in the energy system act as hooks to attract resonant external energies so an extraction is the process of removing them and replenishing the field.  You will receive an empowerment of Tenaga Dalam that will create potent protection and inner strength. 

Session 3 - Second Illumination: After the extraction, a second illumination healing will be required to remove the other resonant imprints from your energy system to prevent the pattern from resurfacing and the intrusive energies from returning. You will also receive a high-level initiation that will bring a legion of angelic troopers to protect your energy field, allowing you to call on their guidance easily. 

Session 4 - Past Life Illumination: This process involves identifying and clearing the imprints (karma) that you have carried with you from your past lives. We will journey to three past lives in total - the life of most suffering, the life of most abuse of power, and the life of best use of power in order to experience the full passing of the stories that are connected to these incarnations. 

Session 5 - Kutti Despacho:  "Kutti" is a Quechuan term for "turning back" or "shedding off".  This is an ancient Shamanic ceremony from the Andes that is designed to return any heavy energies or sorcery which have been sent to you by crafting a sacred offering to the Earth or the fire. This offering will contain unpleasant items such as dead leaves or even dead bugs that will represent aspects of yourself that you are ready to shed and is a necessary step after having the imprints of a wound removed from your system. After the session, you will be required to give the offering to the fire for a quick release or bury the offering in the Earth to allow the mother to process it gradually. 

Session 6 - Ancestral Constellation: After embarking on a deep shedding process through the first five sessions, it will be time to make peace with the spirits of our ancestors in order to fully detach from the toxic generational curses that have been past down the lineage. This process utilises Shamanic journeying to meet your ancestors and is designed to cut the cords that are binding you to the same behaviours, patterns and illnesses as your ancestors.  

Session 7 - Energetic Death:  This session is built to facilitate your energetic passing. Our past experiences often bind us to the older aspects of ourselves that we have outgrown, which keeps us attached to the old stories that we have outgrown, preventing us from moving fully into the place of our becoming. This is an energetic funeral, in which you will be tasked to write yourself a eulogy to be read during the ceremony. You will be given the death rites which will unwind your chakras and cause your energy to temporarily detach from your physical body which will cause your older stories to fall away to allow you to leap fully into who you are becoming. After this ceremony, your energy field will also be woven back into full harmony with the cosmos to create greater alignment, alongside an attunement to a powerful piece of sacred geometry to restore your divine blueprint. 

Session 8 - Power Retrieval: Power is the internal driving force that is essential for us to be able to shape our reality. We are programmed on the individual and collective levels to give our power away, through feelings such as shame and guilt. Through this, we become accustomed to living life in powerlessness, with low expectations while being constantly drained by forces that exist outside of ourselves. Power retrieval is a sacred process that involves the Shaman journeying to the events and people that have taken your power away and drained your energy, in order to retrieve it and place the power back into your energy field so that you can begin to fully utilise it. Getting this power back cuts the cords to these past events and people and reconnects you to your truth.

Session 9 - Soul Retrieval: Soul loss occurs through traumatic experiences when we learn that it is no longer safe to feel a core part of who we are, resulting in us dissociating ourselves from it. The soul retrieval will track the detached soul parts by revisiting certain events from your past. We will then journey back to these events to identify the points in which these soul pieces detached as well as identifying any toxic soul contracts that could be binding you to a certain way of being. If the soul piece is ready, we will retrieve it, alongside the core aspects of your authentic self that became lost in the process. The parts of you will then be integrated back into your energy field. It is here where you will receive the higher-self connection disk initiation to plant a disk of light into your crown, allowing downloads to come through with ease. 

Session 10: Ayni Despacho: "Ayni" is the operating principle in the Andean medicine communities and refers to "reciprocity" and "divine exchange".  The purpose of the Ayni Despacho offering is to bring balance and healing into our lives, whilst supporting and empowering our connection with the Earth. This ceremony will be focussed on building this sacred offering in order to bring new energies in, and support your process of stepping into who you are becoming. 

Limited Time Offer: £1,000 (reduced from £1,500 Until 10th September)

What are the main benefits?

  • Clears deep emotional imprints from your past

  • Clears limiting beliefs about yourself

  • Breaks negative belief systems and patterns

  • Cuts cords and extracts intrusive energies

  • Replaces wounds with love and light

  • Gives you a stronger connection with yourself and the spiritual world around you

  • Creates a sense of well-being and becoming whole

Who will benefit from The Program?

This program is suited to those who are wanting to understanding the roots of a particular wound or pattern, and who want to allow more magic and joy into their lives. Working on a Shamanic level is very direct and to the point. Therefore, it is important that you are in the space to give your healing journey the momentum it needs to shed your older aspects to enable you to leap into who you are becoming.  ​

What to expect from working with Luke

  • Light-hearted but direct approach to healing.

  • Regular communication.

  • Calls whenever they are needed.

  • Ongoing support and integration techniques.


Reiki Treatment

Limited Time Offer: £1,000 (reduced from £1,500 Until 10th September)

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