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Foundation Course Into Shamanism

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Foundation-Level Shamanic Training

The Foundation Course is a 4-Month introduction to the world of Shamanism that is designed to kickstart an incredibly deep-rooted journey of healing and self-discovery. This mentoring program is fully tailored to the needs of the student and is designed specifically to clear the pollutants from your energy system by addressing and clearing core wounds from the past, removing intrusive energies, retrieving your power and aligning you to your soul's journey. You will learn how to work within sacred space, how to work with perceptual states to commune with the spirit world, as well as developing daily practice for protecting your energy and maintaining health. By the end of the training, you will have developed strong foundations to expand your consciousness into the infinite world of Shamanism and you will have the option to move onto the medicine wheel training to build your power as a Shaman and healer. 


What Does The Foundation Course Involve?

The Foundation course will introduce you to the energies of the medicine wheel - these are the archetypal energies of the universe that form the cycle of life and death. These archetypes create a profound energetic process of rebirth that once engaged with, allows one to step beyond the constraints that they have been programmed with and into infinity, allowing you to step fully into your true place in all of creation. Each archetype possesses profound wisdom and medicine that once integrated, will facilitate great transformation and change. The archetypes that form the medicine wheel are: 

  • South - Serpent (Sachamama) - Serpent teaches you the art of non-attachment, non-judgement, non-suffering and how to walk with beauty on the Earth. She will teach you to fully shed your stories from the past like Serpent sheds her skin. 

  • West - Jaguar (Otorongo) - Jaguar medicine teaches us how to befriend our shadow and to see beyond the literal level and into the invisible world of energy. She will show you how to see beyond the illusions that you have been programmed with and how to step into your power. 

  • North - Hummingbird (Picaflorcito) - Hummingbird medicine will teach you how to find magic and joy within all aspects of your being as well as how to truly make the impossible, possible. Hummingbird energy will teach you how to truly step into mastery and embrace what you do not know in order to find a true sense of peace in the midst of chaos. 

  • East - Eagle (Apu Chin) - Eagle medicine is all about learning the way of the visionary. The great eagle will teach you the art of transcending the literal level and quantum-leaping into your destiny, wing to wing with great spirit. 

These archetypes possess great power and wisdom. In this course, we will meet once a month and you will spend one month within the energies of these archetypes in order to kickstart your initiation and get a feel for their energies before committing to the full medicine wheel initiation and training. 


What You Will Learn

The foundation course will kickstart significant growth and change within your being. You will learn and receive the following throughout: 

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Navigating the astral plane - the upper, middle and lower worlds

  • How to open sacred space

  • How to commune with the spirit world safely

  • Introduction to the archetypal energies of the universe - Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird & Condor

  • Different types of intrusive energies - entites, psychic attacks, projections and cords

  • Khodams (Guardian Angels for protection & insight)

  • Tenaga Dalam - Invulnerability and protection from all kinds of intrusive energies

  • Working with Deities

  • Honouring your ancestors

  • Powerful clearings on your energy field

  • All nine rites to the Munay-Ki (Shamanic Rites of Passage)

  • Developing daily practice

Meet Your Mentor

My name is Luke N-Mason - I am a medicine man with many years of experience with a variety of Shamanic & Occult practices. My goal as your mentor is to hold you within a sacred and protected space to allow you to safely delve deep into your healing process. We will work together in harmony with great spirit to facilitate the transformation that you are ready to reach. 

My way of working is direct and to the point. My practice of Shamanism will not bypass anything and instead, will work to address the roots in terms of why certain events, illnesses and perceptions are prominent in one's life, in order to work with them to heal the root. My approach also acknowledges how expansive the world of Shamanism truly is and therefore, provides you with a holistic and unbiased view towards working with the spirits. 

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Structure Of The Foundation Course

The training is a deep energetic process that will extend outside of the training sessions themselves. We will meet every two weeks via Zoom with half a day of training & initiation. After each session, you will have integration work that will be required outside of the sessions. You will gain many valuable tools from lots of different Shamanic traditions across the world. The training will take the following structure and is completed one-to-one or as a group:

The South Direction (Serpent): 


Lesson 1 - Introduction: 

  • Introduction & discussion of outcomes.

  • Prayer to open sacred space.

  • Meditation to sense your luminous body.

  • About the Archetypal energies of the universe.

  • The concept of Shamanic Journeying.

  • Full journey and initiation to connect you to the archetypal energies of the universe.

  • About Serpent medicine and her teachings - non attachment, non-judgement, non-suffering and walking with beauty.

  • Three South stones and what wounds are going to be released in the South.

  • Calling Serpent to release your wounds.

  • Journey to your lineage of healers and transmission of the Hampe' Blessing (The Healer's Rite). 

  • Healing session to released the imprints of your wounds. 

  • Closing space and finish. 

*You will be required to continue journeying to Serpent through the provided recordings and practicing the self-healing method.

Lesson 2 - The Shedding Process:

  • Welcome and sharing.

  • Opening sacred space.

  • Journey to the four elements and bands of power initiation (powerful protection).

  • Shedding the past like Serpent sheds her skin.

  • How belief systems turn into internal laws that govern our physical experiences.

  • Shamanic Journey to release dark law.

  • Shame - what it really is and how it restricts us.

  • Powerful techniques for shedding projected Shame.

  • The decoding process - slowing the fight or flight response.

  • Healing session to release any remnants of the released patterns. 

  • Final journey to Serpent

  • Closing space and finish

*You will be required to continue journeying to Serpent through the provided recordings and the shame releasing technique.

The West Direction (Jaguar): 

Lesson 3 - Maturing The Ego: 

  • Welcome & Sharing.

  • Prayer to open sacred space.

  • Principles of Jaguar Medicine - seeing beyond illusion and working with the shadow. 

  • Shamanic journey to meet Jaguar.

  • Shadow vs The Ego - how to differentiate them.

  • Shamanic Journey to mature the ego. 

  • Types of intrusive energies - entities, psychic attacks, projection and cords. 

  • Tenaga Dalam initiation - The Indonesian Art of Invulnerability (protection against all dark forces).

  • Healing session & Exorcism to remove all intrusive energies from your system 

  • Attunement to the Exorcism Orb that can be activated at any time for self and loved ones. 

  • Grounding and finish. 

*You will be required to continue journeying to Jaguar and to practice Tenaga Dalam breathwork. 

Lesson 4 - Befriending The Shadow: 

  • Welcome & Sharing.

  • Prayer to open sacred space.

  • Journey to the lineage of feminine healers and transmission of the daykeeper's rite.  

  • The importance of befriending the shadow. 

  • Shamanic Journey to befriend the shadow. 

  • About Past Lives and they continue to affect us. 

  • Shamanic Journey to release your three core past lives - the life of most suffering, most abuse of power and best use of power

  • Khodams (The Science of Guardian Angels) + initiation to connect you the Khodamic energies for extra protection and guidance

  • Final journey to jaguar.

  • Grounding and finish. 

*You will be required to continue journeying to Jaguar and to practice Tenaga Dalam breathwork and tuning into your Khodams.

The North Direction (Hummingbird): 

Lesson 5 - Honouring The Timelines: 

  • Welcome & Sharing.

  • Prayer to open sacred space.

  • Principles of Hummingbird - magic & joy, stillness within chaos, embarking on the impossible journey.

  • Shamanic journey to meet Hummingbird.

  • Journey to the lineage of masculine healers and transmission of the Wisdom Keeper's rite.  

  • Importance of honouring your ancestors and techniques to build relationship with them. 

  • Powerful ritual to release your roles.

  • Shamanic journey to release toxicity from your lineage.

  • Journey to the guardians of our universe and transmission of the Earthkeeper's rite.

  • Healing Session to clear loose energies from the blood line.

  • Grounding & Finish

*You will be required to continue journeying to build a relationship with your ancestors.

Lesson 6 - Retrieving Power & Soul Pieces: 

  • Welcome & Sharing.

  • Prayer to open sacred space.

  • The age of Pachacuti - Incan prophecy for human evolution. 

  • Transmission of the Star keepers rite and journey to your time of great change.

  • Power - what it is and how it is lost.

  • Shamanic journey to take back your power.

  • Soul Loss - what it is and how it occurs.

  • Shamanic journey & healing to retrieve lost pieces of the soul.

  • The concept of timelines and how to navigate them

  • Journey to abundance and placing it in your future. 

  • Integration tools of Hummingbird

  • Grounding & Finish

*You will be required to continue journeying to build a relationship with your ancestors and to practice the abundance journey. 

The East Direction (Eagle):

Lesson 7 - Transcendance: 

  • Welcome & Sharing.

  • Prayer to open sacred space.

  • The princples of Eagle medicine - transcendance, destiny and quantum leaping. 

  • Shamanic journey to fly with Eagle.

  • Quantum Leaping - what it is and how to do it. 

  • Shamanic journey to merge with the creator. 

  • Creators rite transmission to connect you to the creator. 

  • Mastering creation & destruction. 

  • The concept of discreation and how to utilise it.

  • Healing session to release any blocks to creation.

  • Nur Cakra Malaikat - The Angel Chakra initiation to bring you closer to the creator.

  • Integration & Next steps.

  • Final initiation - the higher-self connection disk. 

  • Grounding & Finish.

One-To-One & Groups: £850

Enrolment for the next group training closes on 16th September - Enrol Here

Contact me directly to arrange one-to-one training

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