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Shame-Release Program

The Shame-Release program is an incredibly direct process that has been designed to address the most stubborn problem in healing work, and that is shame. In my experience with clients and students, shame is the one thing that everyone has been programmed with to some extent as it is the core energy that causes stagnation and blocks power. It is such a heavy problem in this sort of work that it can take a level of will a persistence to remove it. This program combines healing, coaching, Shamanic journeying and many other potent tools to address the core stages to the development of shame so that you can truly release it and step into your power. You will be taken through the process of unhinging the very roots of guilt and shame, and guided through the process of releasing it. 


What Is Shame?

Shame can be hard to identify because we become so accustomed to holding onto it. It isn't as simple as feeling "ashamed", but is a state of being that we are naturally wired into. To put it simply, shame is an energy that causes us to stagnate - it is the projected restriction of what we are worthy of having. Shame gets masked in dysfunctional behaviour which is accepted as normal on the collective and individual levels. When one doesn't know how to deal with their shame, they pass it on to those around them. Because Shame is an energy that is passed on, Psychology cannot effectively deal with it as a core aspect of it is metaphysical. Shame is the core driving force behind all abusive behaviour - the shame is projected by the abuser, and the victim then internalises it and causes them to carry false principles of lack into their own lives. It often goes back to childhood as a child cannot handle the thought of its parents being defective, as that poses a threat to survival, so always concludes that everything is its own fault. So the abused child carries all the shame of its parents. It is important to note that the abuse is not always overt. Many of us have suffered from some form of covert sexual abuse, which is anything intangible that produces shame, such as being criticised over their bodies or appearance, having their privacy constantly invaded, or simply being exposed to sexual behaviour they are not ready to understand. The only way to heal this kind of shame is by identifying where it comes from and then sending it back to it's source. 

How Shame Is Released

There are two types of shame that need to be released: The shame others dump on us, and the shame of our unforgiven mistakes.


To remove the shame that has been dumped upon us, we need to identify where it originates. In most cases, it stems from the dynamic with the parents, which plants the seeds for other resonant projections to come in later down the line. Once we have found the origins of the shame, we can break the contracts that have formed the pattern in the first, and then consciously give the shame back through Shamanic journeying.

To release the shame of our unforgiven mistakes, we need to identify the parts of ourselves that we are not forgiving, and in doing so, work towards fixing these broken alliances. These broken alliances occur normally between us and our inner child or adolescent selves when we have witnessed something traumatic and have made a promise with ourselves that we won't carry out that behaviour but then we end up doing so anyway, therefore, causing that part of ourselves to refuse to move on. 

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Candali/Gtummo Initiations - Adding Some Fuel To The Process

Candali is a safe form of Kundalini Yogic practice. It will stimulate the full rising of the kundalini energy but in a very safe and measured way, and in doing so, will generate the heat to fuel the process of change throughout the program. Through this practice, you will connect with Hindu goddesses Baglamukhi and MahaKali, both of which are potent forces of transformation.  The process will involve daily practice to assist you with processing the energy shifts that you will be undergoing. You will receive four Candali Activations: 

Level 1 - The first tan tieng centre below the navel is awakened, and the sacred fire is raised and circulated. The Baglamukhi body protector is given.

Level 2 - The second tan tieng centre at the heart is awakened, and the power increased 100 fold. The mahakali shield is given.

Level 3 - The third tan tieng at the third eye is awakened, all chakras and nadirs are cleared, and the power increased 1000 fold.

Level 4 - (Vajra Master level.) The initiation is completed, and power increased 10,000 fold.

These initiations will increase the flow of prana in the body which means faster healing, greater vitality as well as accelerated spiritual empowerment.

What Tools Are Utilised During The Program

The process combines many different therapeutic approaches to release the shame. These include: 

  • Detailed Readings & Coaching - We work together throughout the process to track the roots of the Shame and to identify the points in which the power was lost. Detailed shadow readings are also utilised to give you a full understanding of the patterns that are playing out.

  • Shamanic Journeying - The tool of the Shaman that is used to access deep aspects of your unconscious mind to greatly accelerate the healing process. The principle of Shamanic journeying is to use the imagination as the gateway to the other realms. For releasing shame, there is no greater way of doing so as collectively, the imagination has been devalued and shamed, despite the fact that it's the key to creation.

  • Shamanic Healing - The process will utilise some of the most effective Shamanic Healing techniques that have been used to shift the most stubborn behaviours and patterns for centuries. You will receive many clearings and Exorcisms to remove all dense energies surrounding shame, alongside the clearing of the Karma that is attached it and Soul Retrieval to reconnect you with the core parts that have been detached from. 

  • Magickal Practices  - many potent healing tools that are used in many occult practices. I will be using Orbs that have been programmed with the some of the most powerful occult processes for removing shame, runes for regression and deeper clearing, alongside many other practices and mantras for taking the healing process deeper. 

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Stages To The Program

The program includes a total of nine sessions, each with a duration of 2-3 hours. Each session will include an individual healing, alongside a Shamanic initiation that will require daily practice to build and integrate.

Stage 1 - Exorcism

Before we delve into the inner work, we need to remove all intrusive entities and curses that you are holding onto. These are energies that latch onto our existing wounds and enhance them, making it harder to address the root of the problem. 

Stage 2 - The Dark Law

  • Share of experiences since the first session

  • About Dark Laws, what they are and how they are created

  • Shamanic Journey to find and break your Dark Laws

  • About Candali kundalini energy and it's significance in stepping into your power

  • First Candali initiation - The Baglamukhi Body Protector


Stage 3 - Releasing The Mother

  • The relationship to the feminine and our ability to receive love and abundance

  • Regression to break the contract with the mother energy

  • About Mahakali and her significance to finding your power

  • Second Candali initiation - The Mahakali shield

Stage 4 - Releasing The Father

  • The relationship to the masculine and how it drives change

  • Regression to break the contract with the father

  • Third Candali initiation - full clearing of all chakras and nadirs

Stage 5 - The Inner Child

  • How the Inner Child's state mirrors every state of being

  • Journey and healing to meet the inner child and reverse the shame projection process + higher-self connection disk empowerment. 

  • Fourth Candali initiation - Vajra Master Level

Stage 6 - Embracing Rebellion (Inner Adolescent)

  • How the teenage rebellion has shaped our ability to own our power

  • Your relationship with the adolescent self.

  • About the Dragon energy and how it can help

  • Makuto Nogososro Empowerment - The Crown Dragon Power

Stage 7 - Returning Shame To It's Source

  • The Differences between projected shame and the shame of our unforgiven mistakes

  • Identification of what you are not forgiving yourself for

  • Shamanic journey to give back projected shame

  • Shamanic journey to forgiveness

Stage 8 - Taking Your Power Back

  • How power becomes entangled in older stories

  • Reading to identify your personal expression of power

  • Power retrieval healing and journey to take back the power that was lost through shame

  • Attunement to the Jaguar energy for inner strength and boundary setting

Stage 9 - Integration and Soul Retrieval

  • How soul loss distances us from our truth

  • Reading to identify the soul parts that are ready to return to you


You will be required to repeat the Candali meditations daily, alongside the taking back power journey

Exchange: £1,000

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