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My name is Luke N-Mason - an experienced Shamanic Practitioner with a range of experience in many different ancient Shamanic and occult traditions. It is my honour to offer you my healing and coaching services, fully tailored to your needs. 

These powerful sessions are 2-Hours long and are for those who are wanting to receive deep healing, alongside coaching and clarity on where they are at this moment in time and guidance as to where to distrubute their energy to manifest their dreams. The session contains the following:


  • Sharing of intentions and goals
  • 1-Hour shadow reading to identify what shows need to be released at this time
  • 1-Hour Shamanic Healing, combining a range of powerful tools, tailored to what it is the client is needing at the time


Please Note - These healing sessions are extensive and will trigger significant shifts in your energy. On occasion, this can induce a cleansing process, whereby your system starts to release toxins that it no longer needs. This is completely normal and should be welcomed.

PLEASE NOTE: These healings are here to support your healing path but are NOT replacements for Psychiatry and does not claim to be a primary treatment for any existing health condition. If you have a diagnosed dissociative mental health condition (such as schizophrenia) do NOT purchase this healing.

If you would like to book a longer program or block of sessions, all can be found here.

2-Hour Healing & Coaching (Via Zoom)

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