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This is an incredibly powerful initiation that will connect you to MahaKali, goddess of destruction alongside one of the Aghora Djinn kings that serve her. With both of these energies working together, you will have amazing psychic protection, alongside the ability to remove all curses and dark forces from yourself and others.


“Djinn” is an Arabic term for “Genie”. The Djinn can be seen as the aspects of ourselves that we forgot when we incarnated into the level of matter. They are known to be similar to human beings in many ways as they are known to procreate, display both light and dark tendencies, and even die, but they are not bound to a physical world or body like we are. This means that when they wish to initiate change, they simply shift their energy into that frequency and then work backwards to attain the desired result. For this reason, manifestation and transformation is rapid for the Djinn as they don't need to allow the physical world to calibrate to their shift in energy like we do.  This is where the concept of genies being able to grant wishes comes from and is what makes them amazing guides to build a relationship with. Connecting with a Djinn king has far more benefits than connecting to a regular Djinn because they have dominion over an entire legion, making them 1000x more powerful than a regular Djinn.


There are different races of Djinn that exist within virtually all traditions, but their names vary. The Aghora Djinn are a particularly strong race that serve the goddess Kali and embody all of her attributes. Because the Djinn realm is closer in vibration to the Human realm, they will bring you closer to the gods and in this case, closer to the raw destructive powers of goddess Kali. 

This initiation is ideal for those who want strong psychic protection, alongside the ability to remove curses easily. 


*Contains a digital manual upon purchase, alongside the initiation which is sent distantly at an agreed time.*

Aghora Djinn King Initiation

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