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Gtummo is the Tibetan name for heat yoga, which developed from the vedic Candali; a safe form of kundalini yoga. This system holds incredible power and is used in Tibet to cure medical conditions, as well as a great shamanic empowerment and protection.


The process will fully activate your Kundalini energy but in a very safe and controlled way. Different types of Kundalini yoga have been known to stimulate the sudden and aggressive awakening of the kundalini which can be incredibly dangerous. Candali provides all of the benefits of the Kundalini activation with an additional touch of fire such as: enhanced psychic abilities, increased flow of prana in the body, faster healing and rapid spiritual empowerment. 


I have been initiated into a number of different forms of Gtummo and Candali, so all of these powers are combined in these initiations. Through Candali, you will be attuned to Hindu goddesses, Kali and Baglamukhi, both of which will unlock potent metaphyscial powers. The sacred fire of Candali is built up in stages. Each stage should be practiced for at least a week before moving on. This system provides all the power of kundalini, without any danger of damage to oneself.


Stages To The Initiation Process:

Level 1 - The first tan tieng centre below the navel is awakened, and the sacred fire is raised and circulated. The Baglamukhi body protector is given.


Level 2 - The second tan tieng centre at the heart is awakened, and the power increased 100 fold. The mahakali shield is given.


Level 3 - The third tan tieng at the third eye is awakened, all chakras and nadirs are cleared, and the power increased 1000 fold.


Level 4 - (Vajra Master level.) The initiation is completed, and power increased 10,000 fold.


*Contains digital manuals upon purchase, alongside the initiations which are sent distantly at an agreed time - there will be at least one week between each initiation.*

Candali/Gtummo (Level 1 - 4)

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