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The Dragon Inner Power package contains five incredibly powerful initiations of Tenaga Dalam, which is the indonesian art of invulnerability. This practice invokes source energy through prayer, meditation and breathwork to unleash inner power in its rawest form. It is used in Java as one of the most effective methods of psychic protection as it is known to repel dark forces at ease. It is also used to increase physical stamina and resistance to physical impact in numerous martial arts. The power of Tenaga Dalam is sharpened when faith is increased and many traditional practices of the art would involve striking oneself with a machete as a way of testing their faith - after receiving the initiation, no sharp weapon would be able to penetrate the skin.


There are countless versions of Tenaga Dalam out there, each of which have a unique element to them, but the Dragon versions are by far the most powerful, as Dragons are the highest in the hierarchy of beings in ancient Arabian necromancy.


This Package Contains: 


  • Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga (The Dragon's Inner Strength) - Five initiations that build invulnerability on all levels of your being. Each initiation requires at least two days of integration. 
  • Tenaga Dalam Nagapasa (The Legion of Dragons) - Connects a legion of 100,000 Dragons to your energy field, giving impeccable protection, and power both physcially and metaphyscially. 
  • Tenaga Dalam Naga Langit (Dragon of Sky Inner Power) - Bestows the Dragon's roar upon initiates which is an incredible power that unleashes the voice, alongside the power punch which refines physcial power. It also increases magnetism and charisma. 
  • Tenaga Dalam Upas Naga Geni (Poison Fire Dragon) - Used to dispel negative energies and dark forces and for deadly attacks. 
  • Tenaga Dalam Segara Naga (Sea of Dragon Inner power) - Further refines inner power, whilst also giving an additional Dragon King, bringing another 2,000 Dragons to your service. 


Each initiation comes with breathwork techniques and short prayers which activate the power. When integrated into daily practice, your power and abilities will continue to grow and will prevent all dark forces from affecting you. 

Dragon Inner Power Package

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