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These energy channelling sessions combine many different higher-dimensional energies that are channelled through your system to balance your energy centers and harmonise the different layers of your energy field. This package contains four, one-hour healing sessions that are sent remotely (fully distant) at an agreed time and are suitable for those who want a powerful but releaxing approach to energy healing. Below are the energies that are used:


  • Rahanni Healing - Powerful, multi-dimensional healing energy that comes from Andromeda, The Pleiades and Sirius (great for healing the heart). 
  • ET Healing - Channelled healing energies from a team of advanced ET beings. 
  • Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire and Lightarian Reiki - A blend of all of the most powerful Reiki energies to reach a deep, cellular level of healing.
  • Vajrayogini Candali - The highest vibration of kundalini fire energy which brings the highest vibration of enthusiasm. 
  • Higher-Self Connection - your connection to your higher self energy will be cleared so that you can fully embody them day to day.


The Package: 


  • Sharing of Intention - you will receive an email from me to arrange your sessions upon purchase and you will also have an opportunity to share what you want to heal
  • Four Distant Healing Sessions - using a combination of energies mentioned above
  • In-Depth Feedback - after each session, you will receive in-depth email feedback on what was identified during the healing as well as integration techniques and channelled messages from the higher-dimensional beings


Please Note - These healing sessions are extensive and will trigger significant shifts in your energy. On occasion, this can induce a cleansing process, whereby your system starts to release toxins that it no longer needs. This is completely normal and should be welcomed.

These healings are here to support your healing path but are not replacements for Psychiatry. This package also does not claim to be a primary treatment for an existing health condition.

If you would like coaching + healing options then this can be explored here.

Energy Channelling Package

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