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House cleansing is an area that is often misunderstood. Much like us human beings, our houses also have a spirit. This spirit is a culmination of the collective energies that have entered the property and for this reason, houses can also accumulate heavy energies that act as pollutants for the spirit of the house and the environment. When these heavy energies hold resonance with those who live in the property, it can also have a strong impact on their overall wellbeing. 


This house cleansing is a one-time job that only needs to be done once with a few additional maaintence techniques for the occupants of the house. 

My approach to house clearing is done distantly and has stages to it. Find these below:

  • Spirit Identification - The property is scanned to identify any stuck spirits and they are assisted with their transition to the upper world

  • Exorcism - I then perform an Exorcism from the Al-Hikmah tradition which will clear the property of negative entities

  • Meridian Acupuncture - Spirits will then be sent through the land to clear the meridians below your property

  • Weaving - I then use a powerful occult technique to weave your property back into harmony with the Earth, the stars, the planets and all of creation, as well as weaving a portal to the higher dimensions, creating a permanently light energy in the house

  • Healing Of The House Spirit - I then perform a healing on the spirit of the house and provide integration tools for maintaining a good energy in the house

House Cleansing

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