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In the realm of spiritual practices, the concept of Djinn empowerment has captured the
fascination of many seekers. Djinn (also known as genie) are powerful supernatural entities known for their immense capabilities, are believed to possess the potential to unlock hidden talents, enhance personal growth, and bring about profound transformation.

Jagad Lelembut Magick (Translation: The Magick of Djinn's Realms) is a magickal practice that involves establishing a connection with Djinn spirits and harnessing their energies to amplify one's own abilities and desires. It is believed that by forming a bond with these mystical beings, individuals can tap into their vast reserves of power and wisdom to manifest positivechange in their lives.

Some of the main benefits of working with Djinn Spirits: 

  • Increased wealth, prosperity and abundance
  • Attraction, charisma and personal charm
  • Psychic and physcial protection
  • Refined psychic abilities and intuition
  • Manifestation and influence of future events


Working with Djinn will enhance all aspects of metaphyscial work and this initiation will allow you to conjure Djinn for any purpose. 

Note: This empowerment possesses immense power, therefore it is advised to have prior experience with working in ritual or within sacred space. 


*Contains a digital manual upon purchase, alongside the initiation which is sent distantly at an agreed time.*

Jagad Lelembut - Djinn Magick

£250.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price
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