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Orbs are conscious energy containers that are used in many occult practices across the world. These Orbs repeat and multiply the energies that are put into them and are able to multiply and store themselves between time and space, meaning there will always be another to replace it. 


This powerful Orb invokes the most powerful Djinn, Deamon, Devil and Dragon spirits and sends them through your timeline to remove toxic karma from past lives as well as discreating the possible futures that result in illness and disempowerment. It also has the life force energy of the sacred Bilva Leaf which has been tuned into through an intense dieta to be able to transfer the pure spirit of this plant to purify all karmic baggage. This will work for an hour once activated to search and clear the client of toxic karma. Often, karmic baggage can be dense so multiple sessions with it may be required to clear the bulk of it. 

This Orb is not gentle and causes significant clearing of the energy field so it must be used with respect. 


*Contains a digital manual upon purchase, alongside the initiation which is sent distantly at an agreed time.*

Karma Purification Orb

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